V1.1.9.1 Discussion

Now that it’s been a couple weeks and the patch has had time to settle in your stomachs (or give you acid reflux if you’re the dramatic type), we’d like to get the discussion rolling on the hotfix.

While the focus of any hotfix is always to address any reported issues, we do take the opportunity to also sneak in balance changes where appropriate.

If you’d like to draw our attention to any glaring issues, this thread is your chance!

Some things of note that are already on the table for the upcoming hotfix that may be relevant to any suggestions:

  • Increased drop rate of Ugdenbloom from Rotting Stumps and Ugdenbog Golems
  • added conversion to many Vindictive Flame modifiers to convert its baseline damage to appropriate damage types (ex. Pagar’s Betrayal converts both its Physical and Fire damage to Chaos)
  • adjustments to a few Eye of Reckoning items, including Alladrah’s Spellblade, Cindertouch, Gutsmasher, Kymon’s Sanctified Blade and Scion of Crimson Wakes
  • Blood Burst: increased base radius to 2.0 and base Acid damage to 10 and increased Acid damage scaling at ranks 18+
  • Terrifying Gaze: increased Vitality damage scaling with rank. Replaced % Retaliation added to Attack with % Crit damage, 50% by rank 12, 65% by max ultimate rank.
  • Focused Gaze: increased % Damage Modified to 135%

Feel free to post any builds you’ve been working on that you feel could use a bump. Note that we may not agree with every suggestion, particularly suggestions for How a build should be buffed.

The most valuable information to provide would be a GrimTools link and where you feel the build struggles, whether that’s survivability or damage, and whether you are testing your performance in the Crucible or the Shattered Realm.

Please be considerate of others posters and, as usual, set reasonable expectations for what a build should be capable of (an indestructible vitality build probably shouldn’t be pushing sub 6 minutes in the Crucible, nor does a 5 minute build need buffs).

Note that the Shattered Realm has received some changes in v1.1.9.0 that will undoubtedly shake up performance in ways that may conflict with prior expectations. Bosses can be pulled individually without resorting to exploits, but all enemies have become stronger at Shards 70+.

Following the guidelines from the Posting Feedback thread applies:


Kicking this off with everyone’s favorite rifle, Dreadscorcher! Comboed on Defiler with new Veilkeeper set

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JYqBjN

Results: It’s almost there. TBF could be some gear tweaks to try, I have tested quite a few devo layouts. With favorable mutators SR75 feels pretty good, with low death potential. Bad mutators, it falls apart. Haven’t had it run in crucible yet but expecting decent amount of failed attempts. Slightly more damage/FS skill line support or HP/tank would push it over to feeling great but not obviously OP.

Mythical Alladrah spellblade i used here https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jQrRqN does SR75-76 in ultimate fine, but is very clunky to play in chunks even though very high CC-res thanks to SR set. Perhaps more of a skill issue than itemization, I never been fan of EoR…

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Wanted to ask about reverting Valguur’s Sigil of Consumption damage and %ADCtH nerfs, but then this:

Nevermind. I trust your vision entirely :slightly_smiling_face:.

Umm yeah, in SR 90. Isn’t that…oh I don’t know…supposed to be rather challenging by default?


Leave Fabius alone along with the Nemeses that become threats in SR.

What makes Fabius so much harder than other Nemeses at SR 80+ is that if you try and kite him, he Shadow Strikes and disappears, making it impossible to land any damage reduction debuffs. Not only does he have a good chance at critting you, you can’t even apply things like Ill Omen or Mark of Torment on him, leading him to OHKO you when he appears again.

Add to that Blade Barrier to stop your sustain in your tracks, DW attacks and abilities like Execution, Blade Spirits to drain your sustain even further, and Pneumatic Burst for self-healing and Fabius is one of the toughest Nemses in the SR challenge, period.


And the toughest buff for Fabius was his Blade Spirits becoming immortal, they stack even more bleed on you and you don’t leech off them. Take what was one of the toughest boss before the patch, double buff it, and you get the current Fabius.

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Most of the changes I wish to see don’t likely belong in this thread.


Could you please look at the number of items that overlap when converting Judgment, more specifically physical to fire. Pretty sure some of them could be changed without hurting peoples builds.

Even if not for this hot fix but maybe any last minute changes down the road?

1. Savagery bonus for lightning builds;


We shouldn’t be using Crimson Claws or any other unrelated item in every melee savagery build to reach 24/16. Crimson Claws is a very good gloves for physical Savagery/Cadence builds but lightning ones also have to use it because there is no other option. Primal Strike has skill bonus all around the gears and you can easily hardcap it but you can’t do it with Savagery.

The example build above is real, not theorycraft. I was playing with the Veilkeeper set to prove it’s arcanist side is not good and you can play lightning upheaval without full set or arcanist; however, here I like to emphasize not the set itself nor the build performance but the general Lightning Savagery thingy. It’s a big issue I know, but it’s simply the hardest AA skill to hardcap. I saw a lot of people using Direwolf medal to do the same although they are not DW builds/Pierce damage builds etc.

And my build has +5 skills to shaman and still needs crimson claws to get ninth charge. I simply ask you to add +2 Savagery bonus to a gloves or pants, or maybe a ring that also supports lightning damage type; not physical or anything else. More support is welcome ofc.

2. Chaos Gloves with AA/WPS Modifiers;

Voidsteel Gauntlets & Voidrend Talons

I asked this one before but didn’t get any attention. I see it as diversity opportunity and don’t think it’s gonna create any balance problems. I simply ask to swap Chaos RF modifier and Chaos Cadence Modifier to swap. So it will be like this;

Voidrend will have Belgothian Shears and Cadence modifiers; so it will be possible to play Chaos Blademaster. Blademasters already stuck in Pierce/Cold and most of the time Infiltrators beat it in both damage types. And now Nightblade has Chaos RR set, which can fit this archetype and so people will make more Blademasters than just Belgo Set ones. It will expand the diversity.

Voidsteel will have Righteous Fervor and Smite modifiers; so it will be possible to play DW melee chaos Sentinel/Paladin(Not EoR or Aegis) and better 2H melee ones.

I really don’t see any harm to other builds if you swap these modifiers.

3. Petrify resistance to more devotions;

The thread has the info why I’m asking such a thing. It’s not just for more end-game creep; since builders better than me doesn’t even care to cap CC resist and can do SR 100 etc. I’m asking this for QoL in both main campaign, SR and to have more balanced CC resist distribution in constellations.

Any player who wants to cap their Slow/Stun/Freeze resist by devotions can easly compensate things to get those constellations, whch is great because sometimes your gears provides very little of it but you really don’t have other options to wear so you take devotions with CC resist instead of taking more offensive devotions etc. But you really can’t get petrify resist from devotions, which I see as ‘‘not fair’’.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks to Crate for still caring this game and listening their audience to improve it even after the last big patch.


Uses light defender gloves [] Zavageryyy - Elgoloth Ranged Vindicator (SR80+)

Add attack speed to Arcanor Blade of the Luminari? Sure it’s mainly a Forcewave item but with the added Necro modifiers, it feels like an approprite item for Apostate, but this class has no use for casting speed on 2H weapons. Would make a contender for the new (seriously awesome) Fleshwarped Shard for elemental apostate builds. Maybe a Bone Harvest modifier too?

Speaking of Fleshwarped Shard, it seems like this item still has cold affix bias despite being mainly an elemental item. Maybe increase drop rate too, since Aetherial Guardians/Sentinels are so sparse across the map; a full clear of relevant AoM areas will usually yield 2-3 Shards, if you’re lucky. Right now the best way to farm this item is to reset the vendor a thousand times, which is not particularly fun.

I know this probably won’t a happen but what if conduits recipes required Eldritch Essences instead of blooms? I feel like this crafting material is underused anyway.

With a Weapon that provides +4 Savagery bonus. There is no melee lightning based 2h weapon with savagery bonus. As far as know ranged Savagery has very less issues than melee part.

Well you said “every savagery build”

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Problem is not using a big savagery bonused weapon as lightning, so those gloves don’t actually fill the gap, and the rest of non-weapon savagery stuff tends to be pierce. Feralmane Legplates seem like a good potential option here. They are very rarely used in primal strike, and the rest of the bonuses would also potentially support savagery AA.

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Sorry, I’ll edit as every melee savagery build :smiley:

I use them on my so I dont have to use green pants and blue ring.


Nooo, my secret god builds meme builds!

I’ve voiced these concerns on Discord but not on the forums about Ember’s Calling. I’ve put four builds together for it (on grimtools, two of those four have been played in-game, which I’ll describe here) and none of them make use of the innate global conversion to the set. For one - Chaos DEE - the innate conversion actually winds up getting in the way.

Here, a min-cooldown Vindictive Flame Ember’s Calling Saboteur: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2z8e79Z For this build, the conversion on Ember’s Calling doesn’t really amount to anything substantive. In theory, it’d go a little bit of the ways toward improving Blade Spirit damage, but the Blade Spirit conduit already has the same conversions at 100% efficiency!

Secondly, a Chaos DEE Witch Hunter: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23k0vn2 (still debating whether to transmute or not, but it doesn’t matter for this thread) Not surprisingly, the triplicate of Pierce and Cold to Fire does very little for a Chaos DEE build! In fact, it only gets in the way of trying to also develop a potent Shadow Strike usage as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these conversions are maybe relevant for some Grenado/Canister conversions, but I feel like those conversions are already setted for (Barrelsmith, etc.). But so far for things specific to Ember’s Calling itself, I haven’t been able to make good use of these conversions in a meaningful way and at worst have had to work around them.

Some innate X -> Chaos conversion or Phys -> Fire conversion (for Vindictive Flame) would be greatly appreciated in place of what’s presently there!



Here’s my Blightlord Oppressor that struggled in… Roguelike dungeon. To be more specific, in Ancient Grove against Gargabol. Now, I was kiting him like a mother-trucker, mind you, and still was getting one-shot when I was trying to reapply Siphon Souls on him. Stuff like Bat wouldn’t help either since it’s huge spike damage that killed me. In-game I have 17% phys res, which is not extremely terrible for a caster, but I was thinking if some phys res on Festerblaze Vestments OR Scorchrune Legwraps would help.

Also, build only has 80% burn duration (comes from devotions), which limits kiting even further as you must reaplly all your burn damage every 5 seconds or so. My suggestion is to add burn duration to Blazeseer set - either through set bonus or on belt/medal. Crimson Lotus belt already does that on top of +1 to OK and +2 to Ravenous Earth. Medal slot is usually occupied by Korvaak’s Brand.

Speaking of which, I’m using Blademaster’s Talisman relic for dual-wielding. It’s an okay relic, but its narrow focus on % physical and % elemental damage is bothersome, especially considering granted WPS does bleed damage as well. Its ranged counterpart, Plunderer’s Talisman, provides % all damage, which makes it more diverse. It would be nice if Blademaster’s Talisman received the same treatment.

For this one I wanted to create a separate suggestion topic, but it’s very minor and since you’re reading this… Please add 15% chaos damage to Gallows. I believe it’s the only dual-damage type constellation that grants only 24% damage to the second type =)