[Feedback] Please add more ''Reduced Petrify Duration'' to different devotions. Currently there is only one! And it provides %10

I know many player don’t consider ‘‘Petrify’’ as an important resistance type but there are monsters does petrify you and it becomes kinda serious when you have ‘‘0’’ petrify resists. No different from Freeze or Stun, it makes the character very vulnerable.

However; the only constellation provides ‘‘Reduced Petrify Duration’’ is Ulo and it’s just %10. There a variety of items that gives this stats and I think they are enough and some of them even grants more than anyone needs.

So I would like to ask from devs to add some ‘‘Reduced Petrify Duration’’ to one maybe two other constellations. Preferable not Blue and Yellow side. Though some damage types have more of this resistance because of their gears; like there are lot’s of petrify resist source for physical builds. But some other builds has almost no source of it.

We have different sources of Stun/Freeze/Slow resist on a few constellations so I’m basically asking to have same options with Petrify resist.

Here my possible candidates(thematic) for adding ‘‘Reduced Petrify Duration’’ stat.

  • Empty Throne might be a candidate; changing it with %8 Pierce resistance on second node. %10-15 would be enough.

  • Ghoul is other option; I know it has already a very strong circuit breaker but his legs are a bit weak.

  • Revenant; it’s a good one all over, but it might be implemented to it’s third node.

  • Quill; Not bad but imo it’s equal ‘‘Toad’’ is much more useful for many builds, since it provides lifesteal and racial damage. However Quill only provides some elemental damage and %2 DA. Removing 60 health and impelementing ‘‘Reduced Petrify Duration’’ to it’s third node won’t be a balance issue I presume. Pen is mightier than sword? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Hawk or Raven; they are both good options for OA, and they are good for pet builds. Most non-pet builds take Raven because it’s 5 green affinity bonus, since the different from Hawk is just 15 OA and Hawk has %8 crit damage; which is far more valuable stat. Hawk would be more thematic though which can not be petrified easily feature.

I’m open to other suggestion about which constellations can be added this CC resist and we all know the next update will be the last. So I think this issue is related to general balance of the game.

Not sure how many of you will support me but this is more important to me than trying to force devs make DW lightning melee viable etc.


Maybe being harder to resist is part of making it different than freeze/stun.
When I had low petrify resistance I learnt to recognise and avoid petrifying attacks. You’re a frequent visitor of SR60+ and petrification holds you back?

It’s not necessarily harder to resist, it’s just some items have heaps of it and some don’t at all.My Forcewave Warlord has like 200% Petrify res only because I’m using an Ugdenbog belt, Earthshatter Treads and Titan Pauldrons.

I support your idea. Although for my taste Throne, Ghoul and Revenant are already stacked, so my suggestion is to add such resist to more underused/underwhelming constellations. I have Scorpion, Lizard and Wolverine in mind. It’s also quite thematic I think.


Nothing holds me back, it’s just an overlooked resistance that should have more source in devotions. That’s why I suggested this before the last balance update of the game. Having one more two more devotion with %10-15 petrify resists won’t break the game.

support the idea, however, i think it should be added not to blue or throne const., cause these are already bloated with CC’s. I like the Raven/Hawk idea, however, two of these already have quite good stats for T1 (well, at least normal stats). i’d suggest adding it to Scorpion, hence it’s nodes are bad frankly speaking. Also it should (?) be quite thematic. The other option is Vulture, i don’t think that i’ve seen this devo taken more than 3 times.

to sum up my thoughts: adding petrify res to already strong and popular devotions such as ghoul, throne and blue sector is simply a “power-creep” and not going to change the meta. Whereas, adding it to devo’s that are quite poor stat-wise and unpopular should be a good idea.

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As I said, devotion choice might be differ and I wouldn’t mind Scorpion or even Manticore but they are kinda uniquely for acid/poison builds. A few non-related damage types uses Manticore for RR, but just a few builds. Vulture is a good option though.

I understand your point, we need to make some devotions more appealable but some of are won’t worth taking if you don’t need the skill or relate with the damage type.

I can take scarab instead of panther if my builds need stun resist more than 50-60 OA. But I certainly won’t take Scorpion instead of Raven/Spider if my build is not acid damage or desperatly need DA shred for that matter.

Rat(definitely not thematic) and Wretch are being used for affinity requirements mostly.

Fox is another possibility, atleast a non-bleed build get some Adcth besides the Reduced Petrify Duration.

Good suggestion. If you want thematic, maybe also give it to the petrifying Devotions, Vire and Korvaak.

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Like if you can petrify them; you can not be petrifyied? :smiley:

Sure, like Mythical Beacon of the Winter’s Veil and Mythical Frostdread Cuirass having high freeze res.

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@Knife had been playing around with a build that focuses on Petrify effects. I have not considered petrify to be much of a problem, and I never go out of my way to add Petrify resistance as every other stat is more important. On the other side, outside of fun, I’ve never seen Korvaak used very much and Stone Matron is also fairly unused if one’s not playing Retaliation.

Searching through the Grimtools Monster Database, the Petrify effect seems to be limited to a few Wraithbringer human enemies as well as Basilisks and Stone Creatures. If you need 5 Green and aren’t picking Scorpion before, you’re not picking it after just because of some Petrify resistance that only a few Heroes and Bosses have. Things like Scorpion need much more to compete with constellations like Raven (3% OA + flat Energy Regen), Spider (much needed Attack + Cast Speed), or Candle (flat Energy Regen, 4 affinites for 3 points).

I don’t mind Petrify resistance being added to constellations. I see it being added to constellations like Wraith (provides affinity for Stone Matron + helps deal with Wraithbringer Heroes), Eye of the Guardian (the proc is nice, but the nodes preceding it are awful), or Anvil (plenty of nodes to put that in, and helps affinity for Stone Matron as well).

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They may be less common than Stunners or Slowers but when you don’t deal them 1v1, every disruption they have, they will bring down on you collectively and you don’t want to get petrified long time near a hard hitter etc. In SR, all crowd control resistances are very important. I’m not much a crucible player, done a few times with a few build so can’t talk about Crucible value of this particular resist but there are players who can sacrifice 4-5k dps in order to gain some CC resists.

And it also more annoying than getting freezed or stunned in MC.

But I’m not talking about it’s importance level or anything like that. It’s just a CC resistance like Stun/Freeze/Slow. There are lots of constellations that provides reducement of these debuff effects. But for petrify, there is only one which is unfair.

So I’m not insisting on this constellation needs petrify resists. It doesn’t matter which gets, which is more thematic etc. Just there should be a few more devotions which provides this stat.

My response is similar to what grey had above: you place Petrify reduction on a widely used devotion and those constellations become near mandatory and crowd out the other constellations. Place it on a bad devotion and people still aren’t going to select that constellation, which makes the buffs rather pointless.

T1 devotions are all over the place when it comes to nodes - the ones with procs are more wildly different than the straight affinity constellations. You have something like Bat which gives flat damage and ADCTH, which everyone can use, then you have something like Falcon, where the nodes are so bad you wonder why you bother putting in 5 points for something so crappy. A lot of the time, unless you’re aiming to maximize the damage and upkeep of the devotion procs (like having maximum Eyes or maximum Flame Torrent swirls), the T1 devotions are not adding much outside of affinity requirements, so it’d be nice to add some secondary resists so at least you’re getting something other than 30% extra damage.

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As I said, I don’t mind which devotion will get the stat that much. But Scorpion’s problem is not that it lacks petrify resistance and no one will take it just for that resistance. If devs want it to improve, they might change/add more than some %15 reduced petrify duration. I used it with Acid Dervish, it was good enough but won’t take for any other build. I mean, Tsunami also not used much but the stat surely doesn’t fit there either. That’s why I suggested Raven though I’m repeating myself. Affliction isn’t used at all for example, even though it has good stats and lots of flat vitality damage; Rattosh-DG path usually doesn’t give much freedom. Do you think some petrfiy resist can change that?

I’m not insisting on any devotions. It’s up to Z, and he surely knows where to put it. If one of the devotions is gonna be Scorpion, I’m okay with that but that stats needs to be atleast on 3 devotions. to reach some balance between other CC resists. Vulture is a very good option. Maybe even a T3 gets it. Rattosh perhaps.

But if devs want to change some devotions in order to make them more appealing to player base; adding ‘‘Reduced Petrify Duration’’ won’t be enough. Most builder skips Stun/Freeze resist just so they can squize more damage, they won’t change their setup in order to get Petrify resist.

I think Scorpion could use 3-4% armor on its other pincer. You know, chitin shell and all that.

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