>< The Taken Sorceress, DW Melee Aether FS-SR 85

I saw someone asked instructions in a very old DW Aether Melee build thread and I thought I guess I should update my build. I changed a lot of things except SR set, which is still the best option and without it you barely have 10k health and proper defenses. I removed the old link aswell, rewritten the whole thread so it’s like a new build but also an update :slight_smile:

Btw this girl taken by the fashion, not the aetherials :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Images within the game with perma buffs

I would like to say it’s ‘‘No Greens’’ but unfortunately you need one impervious prefix with both Pierce and Acid resistance and the best option is belt so I used 2x Dreadfire to get %100 Fire>Aether conversion and it resulted very well.

:damage_aether::damage_aether:GRIMTOOLS LINK:damage_aether::damage_aether:

Explanation :

  • I didn’t go for Spear this time it’s literally has no proper use for Aether builds, especially for melee ones except the high OA from the route and I didn’t really needed that much OA in this one. So as you can see I take an interesting devotion route; focused on defensive constellations; nothing much to explain. Scales and Alladrah is the main protectors of the build. Rattosh is for extra lifesteal and has good %Aether bonus; Oklaine and Staff of Rattosh are the best options left after that.

  • There is nothing much to explain in gears; you need 2x Dreadfire and 2x Duality to get Chaos/Fire %100 conversion to Aether so you both convert Burning Voids and FS line. SR set is for tankiness, 2x Krieg pieces for damage and stats; pants is BiS for high OA and Reckless Power Bonus. Agrivix Malice is also must use. Direwolf crest is for racial damage.

  • Where does the damage come from? Good RR, not bad %Aether Damage, almost fully converted FS line(I wish I could convert lightning>aether too) and very good Racial Damage to Aetherials, Chthonics, Undeads and Beasts.

  • Points spent in BWC lines is worth every single point, you gain extra RR, Damage Reduction, AoE OA shred from it and it also almost fully converted into aether damage(Not burn damage unfortunately)

SR 75-76 with Aetherwarped mutator and Reaper in the room(extra aether resistance)

Build can farm 75-76 very consistently, almost like a breeze.

SR 85 with Aetherwarped mutator

After 84 things get tricky, you start to get one-shotted from Iron Maiden, Benn etc so I think 85 is the limit of the build. But you can do more with Groundhog Day style :wink:

Thanks for reading, any comment is welcome.


Nice build.
Direwolf medal might be the better option for dw enabler though. The %beast damage will help with reaper

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Good idea actually thanks, didn’t came to my mind. I lost some AS and some elemental resist inexchange more OA, good deal of aether resist and racial damage; the pierce resistance is not much but to compensate elemental resistances which are not that high overcapped I might need to change some components and augments. But It’s doable, https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2m438WN something like this should do the trick, I will try this setup on next run.

Build updated, including images and grimtools link and another SR 75-76 run image added. No devotion change was maded.


Medal is now Direwolf Crest @Valinov’s suggestion was great.

Belt is now Dread Lord prefixed Chains of Ygraad.

I changed some skill points also, there is some sheet dps loss but mostly because static strike and brimstone are now only 1 pointers.
I put some points into Vindictive Flame to gain loss AS.
Changed gloves component to Ugdenbog Leather since we have enough lifesteal thanks to the belt.
Changed boot component to compensate the pierce resist loss from previous belt.
Some augments changed accordingly.


Build has now more lifesteal, more OA, DA is same, AS is same, better resistances except Fire & Lightning, racial damage is useful againts Reaper of the Lost in return almost no loss except some fire/lightning damage which we don’t need and some chaos damage. It become pretty solid, still no die in SR 75-76 runs, I will try to push further and update accordingly.

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Updated for Completely changed the build and the thread; thus, removed the old GT link and other images, replaced with the new ones.

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Splendid job as usual @fordprefect. Thanks for sharing!

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what you think of this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aQlAE2 8% more phys res but OA took huge hit

Thanks, it’s not that a good build but this character is my first character so I like to play with it and re-spec it/update it etc.

Hmm, Wendigo instead Scales; I need to bind it to BWC to properly proc so https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkQ4wDV this setup might be better, need to try to see, stats are close except some DA/health loss but %7 phys resist gain.

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Hey I’m still seeing the old GT link with the Impervious belt are you able to post/reply with the new GT link?

Because build still uses that belt. You can fix the resistances without that but you need to get atleast some resist like chaos. Tell me which affixes you get on the belt so I can try to balance according your belt.