[ ] Way of the tempest. Lightning Callidor's tempest sorcerer, SR 75 farmer


Callidor’s tempest was on my list to try since I never tried that skill before. Sorcerer class carried this build in my opinion since damage is not the best but tankiness reminds me a lot of a dark one conjurer build.

Build : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26rpaK2


Very tanky can facetank most SR bosses ( similar playstyle to dark one conjurer ).
insane armor absorption with maiven, prismatic diamond, ghoul, and blast shield.
AOE is really good.
Not a piano build.
SR 75 was easy for this build it can definitely do sr 80 +.
Decent RR 69% + 20 % from ultos devotion + 32 flat RR.


Damage is kinda low 350k highest dps.
Energy hungry build even with arcanum dust and mental alacrity you need to use an energy pot once in a while.
Hp is a bit low.

SR 75

Bourbon clones kill

Lokkar kill


Craft for armor and pierce resistance ( ingame i have my pierce and armor higher than the GT link for some reason GT doesn’t show crafting bonuses ).
You can level with trozan and Olexra flash freeze. ( do not level with callidor’s tempest it needs a lot of energy ) .


This build is very fun to play especially when you mix BWC and CT because combining these two skills can result in huge AoE which deletes mobs quickly and it is very satisfying to play. I would suggest giving Callidor’s tempest a bit more weapon damage since damage is lacking a bit compared to other caster’s skills like Sigil of Consumption and Ravenous Earth. Special thanks to @rektbyprotoss and @relinfearous for helping me with this build. I hope that you enjoy it and see you next time :slight_smile: .


You mean highest damage dealt in one instance? i.e. highest crit?

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yes highest damage dealt :slight_smile: