>< Quick Cuts Classic Belgo Infiltrator.(balanced setup) SR 90/Ravager of Flesh/Mogdrogen

Hi everyone; after discussions about pierce damage, I want to give that kind of damage another shot. I had no infiltrator so wanted to level one and see how belgo Inf compared to BM. I can say it’s way tankier; HoG is smoother to cast than War Cry and have less CD; a bit piano but I cut RoS and kinda managed with others. Since this one published by a lot of good builders; this will be a short thread.

:crossed_swords::crossed_swords: Images from the game with permanent and PB&WoR buffs. :crossed_swords::crossed_swords: Version;

:dagger::dagger: GRIMTOOLS :dagger::dagger:

Highlights :

  • There is only one MI in the build, Derma Slicer; Heart Piercing prefix on that is not that crucial damage wise but it adds some good stats.

  • Cord of Deception is used for resistances and DA bonus, without it you may compensate the resistances but DA suffers too much.

  • Tranquil Mind pants is used to cap slow resist and get spirit bonus without investing.

  • I favoured Bladedancer’s Handguards over Shadow’s Grasp because of AQC points and phys resist; cunning bonus is almost same, AS is same. Only thing it lacks flat pierce damage and proc doesn’t bother me.

  • Mark of Kalastor is for good stats mainly. The rest is classic dw pierce build.

SR 90 Boss Room

After 85, death is inevitable. No matter the mutators; you can get one-shotted by some bosses and chunks are more trickier since build lacks AoE.

- Ravager of Flesh

Full facetank with health and OA consumables, and used 1x aether cluster.

- Avatar of Mogdrogen

Used health regen, lightning resist and OA consumables, and 1x aether cluster.

Thanks for reading, any comment&feedback is welcome


i never get tired of different pierce/belgo BM/Infil spins :yum:

PS. GT not working/not added

edit, okay, now i can properly comment @fordprefect
2 things i love here, first, using Bladetwister instead of blackwatch etc :ok_hand: and using Bladedancer’s instead of shadow grasp :+1:
now gandar is getting “proper” utility i guess that means it’s no longer a meme skill? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :sweat_smile:


This is very fancy indeed

:dagger::dagger: GRIMTOOLS :dagger::dagger:

but doesn’t contain a hyperlink :stuck_out_tongue:


LoL! thanks.

Edit: Fixed it.

Thanks, I like bladedancer gloves. And somehow this one was lacking pierce resistance so Bladetwister fitted :rofl:

And Horn is meme if you use it as damage source I guess but I used it defensively for damage reduction and confuse, also it contributes as AoE slightly. Ring of Steel would be better for AoE but I couldn’t use it with Horn and didn’t want to give up damage reduction of Horn either. Probably any other builder use Attuned Lodestone on medal for DR and spend those extra points into RoS.

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Noob question:

Why is Blades of Wrath not on BS and Shifting sands not on WoP instead ?

If i’m not mistaken, BoW has special synergy with BS, and shifting sands has more chance to proc on a skill that hits every target every second.

Yes but that synergy will going to change in next hotfix. Also Seal proc it as good as BS when you stack a few under a monster and definitely shotgun it because it procs beneath it, not in front or behind. Though in crowd BS is better proccer than seal.

And Shifting Sands on BS also provides passive leech(not much though) due to %30 WD.

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Hold up right here, do you mean you wouldn’t get the leech if you binded Shifting Sands to Word of Pain? I don’t get it.

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Blade Spirits hits and proc shifting sands no matter what, but you need to cast WoP and it’s not a great proccer on single target; when you stunned etc and can’t cast WoP, Blade Spirits keep hitting and proccing Shifting Sands. It’s not like Bat binded to BS but atleast something. Binding options can be change depending on player preference so I’m just explaining my situation; I didn’t mean that WoP won’t heal you if it procs a devotion with WD.


SR 90 Complete Run Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Made some changes and did pushed to 95 but couldn’t reproduce the achievement. But 90 now is much more easier.

i followed your guide to the letter but i get nowhere the resists u have on the grimtoold link ?

What do you mean? Show me your characters grimtools link so maybe we can figure what’s wrong.

keep in mind items have variable rolls
a few items also changed some resist stats in 9.2
which can potentially help explain if you don’t have capped pierce res now

(which was a hilarious change since pierce builds/belgo often has low pierce res but not much issue with vitality res :grin: )

I guess it’s because non bego pierce and physical builds have a lot of pierce resist thus makes the ring less usable.

noob mistake sry. with all buffs on the resistances went up. thanks for the reply and the concern . and my apologies again.

yo ford. thanks so much did an sr 75 today thanks to you. :grinning: any advice on skill rotation ?

Dive; WoP for RR; then HoG for DR; start hitting then Inquisitor Seal; ofc don’t forget tu replenish PB and WoR.

thanks ford !!! u are so helpful sir ! thanks so much