[] Bleed Apostate - SR80 - All Celestials - Anything is possible if you believe in yourself

This is a build I made forever ago for @DeputyChuck’s Missing build workshop. Since then, bleed itemization and devotions have been buffed to the moon, so I revisited it in 1.2 and largely improved it.

So yea, this is basically just a joke that went too far.

Bleed apostate stats


Build explanation
Inquisitor has no baseline bleed support and necro only has thematic bleed on siphon souls. Apostate is also largely considered to be one of the weaker classes in the game. Yet, if you play Mythical Guillotine and Goredrinker set, you can achieve decent bleed resistance shred. Combine with all the bleed procs you can find as well as Decapitate component skill, dps isn’t as bad as one would think. Low cooldown on Mark of Torment and 120% healing increase isn’t amazing defense but it works (kinda).

Shattered Realm

Use the horn of Gandarr to turn foes upon each other in confusion, allowing you to finish off the stragglers with ease.


Engage with MoT and run around until they’re dead.





Can this build beat Gladiator Crucible 150-170 in less than 4 minutes?

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Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.


Out of curiosity. Are any of the bleeding proc effects and skills visually pleasing?
I wanted to try a bleed build when one such effect had the description that it would cause “rain of blood” or something. But when I tested the item against a dummy, there wasn’t any explosion of blood or rain of blood. Only a sad little puddle on the floor :frowning:

I know Janaxia has this cool sigil-like “blood geyser” or something. Can’t remember if there’s an item granting this skill.

I have them in this video permanently :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ4t-3dA2yw
I don’t remember the items though, maybe one of those:
Goredrinker’s Ward
Mythical Bloodbathed Links
Mythical Sandreaver Bracers
Bloodrite Gauntlets

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Yup Bloodsurge does it. Goredrinker and Sandreaver (as well as Deathlord’s Band) proc is just a puddle.


Added Crucible run. Went with pharma and a shameless cluster or two cause I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to farm tributes again :sweat_smile: Nevertheless, I’m legit impressed I was able to complete it, let alone far below the 10 minutes mark.


Good! Now we need a professional Crucible player to test this build in 50 runs and give statistics with best timer. If it is above 5 minutes - the build does not pass Crucible and completely unplayable, so it needs buffs :grin:.


I’m certain this can go below 3 min, just needs good mutators :clown_face:


Hum so I updated this abomination. It (slowly) kills all Celestials now, so that’s a thing I guess.

Seems to be Retal paladin video link.

Oops, thanks I fixed it.