[] Cabalist Radaggan. Full game content. 120 and 100 SR. 150-170 crucible extra spawn without buffs and banners. Callagadra, Ravager, Avatar, Crate of Entertainment, Lokarr, Bourbon clones, Mad Queen

Sorry for off-topic. Yes it’s worse for Sigils but I wouldn’t use it just like that. I’d maximize Ravenous Earth and add Oblivion and use Sigils as one of 3 big damage sources (not counting Siphon Souls here). Valguur allows for a lot of things that Raddagan doesn’t and one may think of it as a support set.

Valguur’s Vitality Res debuff and Chaos conversion best supports multiple damage sources. In your build you basically had 1 good source of damage which I’m not saying is bad, it’s a choice, might be good for gameplay / SR / preference but it will hurt your damage a lot.

Something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EEP8J2
(Devos, affixes, resistances, augments, componets, pants, boots are not done, stolen from some other build, it’s just a very rough draft and it also these details depends on whether you play SR or Crucible, whether you GDStash or not)

  • 100% Chaos conversion:

    • for Oblivion, 120 Chaos damage from Mythical Soulcatcher, Occultist flat damage for said Oblivion and Sigils obviously
  • close to max casting speed with Bloodfury shoulders that Raddagan cannot use
    (some Aether to Vit shoulders might be great here too)

    • Radaggan also might not work well with with high casting speed + a filler spell because you need to recast the Sigils every 0.8s so every delay hurts it more than 3s recharge skills. Which might make adding a filler skill counter-productive. I once tried adding Oblivion to low cooldown Doom Bolt and it didn’t work for me.

    • maybe even max casting speed depending on devo / components

  • Oblivion with high casting speed not only adds damage but also improves leech

  • for a medal you might even want the one with RE mods instead of Sigils and even more points to RE if possible (haven’t check but I’d strive to get at least 23 for more fragments)

  • not using Bone Harvest / Call of the Grave to reduce clunkiness, they are not worth it here

It’s at least a low 5 minute Crucible build for sure. If one doesn’t want Oblivion then at least consider adding this empowered RE to the mix.

150-170 2m 30s no baffs x3 speed

Why is poison resistance 15% in your grim tools link?


Thank you ^^ :heart_eyes:

Why don’t you type a leveling guide for this build bro?
It’s so amazing :heart_eyes:

You could use these builds:


Updated build for []

GT: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

150-170 crucible extra spawn without buffs and banners


Bourbon clones


Great build. You probably tried to fit in some vitality to acid conversion, e.g. Ring of Shuroth or Mythical Pack of Deadly Means but decided against it for some basic stats?

this is a VITALITY build, not ACID build- so why on earth did you suggest to use some vitality to acid conversion items??

The set that he’s using converts sigil damage entirely to acid, silly

You should look again at the set, and especially the build. The set support for both vitality AND acid dam, not acid only, and it converted the fire and chaos dam of sigil to acid/ the vit dam is stay the same- so i dont know the “entirely” part you said is from where. Not mention every gears/ devotion/RR of the build is VITALITY dam support, not acid. You can build your own ACID cabalist with this set, but it has nothing related with this topic, when the original build is VITALITY build, not acid. So using vitality converted to acid items is a real “silly” suggestion


Granted, I looked at the sigil skill modifiers, not the damage modifiers. I see that in this case it makes sense to not convert vitality damage. Thanks

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Updated build for []

GT: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

All videos are for above.

Build GT: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator



Crate Entertainment

Build GT: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

150-170 1 baff

90 SR

will this build be up-to-date on the current patch? will you update grim tools?

[] Updated
Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator And there is an expensive version of the build with MI++ (Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator)

120 SR

100 SR No loss of timer + road to the boss room



150-170 crucible extra spawn without buffs and banners


Where to farm purple amulet or it random drops
Tks bro

Hi. Does it fall out randomly or can you create a helmet from a set and with the help of a special in-game character convert it into an amulet