[] 4400000 dummy DPS Khonsar Beastcaller Conjurer -> 3:59 Crucible + 170ex 6:26/ Callagadra 2:00 + Ravager 44 sec + Crate 24 sec + Mogdrogen 1:15 / SR 110

I tested Dying God on pure chaos and Vitality months ago. Chaos do well but dps with DG is barely higher (and I stacked attack speed with items anyway), but bleeding + chaos is little bit better and then Mogdrogen and Rend is way to go. Vitality with DG is not so good, if you want Rattosh in same time you give up other good devotions. Especially skeletons do well with high speed.
Mogdrogen is also helpful due to increasing mobility, targets are switched faster.

Fire setup I went straight for Mogdrogen, I see little sense with DG there, it’s only some % damage and worse road. I did some tests with Fissure but it was not as good as it look on the paper.

There are two other builds I posted: [] Beastcaller Conjurers - Bleeding and Chaos/Bleeding hybrid-> Crucible 4:49-5:20/ SR 115/ Callagadra 2:53-3:27 + Ravager 1:23 + Crate ~30 seconds

Clearing speed in crucible around 5 minutes (little bit slower or faster) I consider balanced.
There are also few video in OP with acid setup, it’s above average in Crucible (was early 4:3x) but slower than fire mostly due to dots mechanics and pets AI.

Ofcourse pets usually do well with celestials or SR but that’s nature of summoning mechanics, not much can be done with it.

Thanks, I think those are still pretty incredible speed. I was working on a build myself based on flat fire bonuses. this is a demolitionist + necromancer build it uses korvaak burning blade and the conduit adding +fire to skeletons and also converting all vitality to fire. But nonetheless the build is still a trainwreck it fell apart in SR50, I think even if the blade gave +1 to demolitionist it would still have issues. The pets are too weak alone and the character itself has trouble making up for it. Your builds made me think I should focus the build all on speed instead, but I don’t know yet if that will workout. I’m ofc not trying to get a record like this, just aiming for a regular SR75 build.

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Wow, this combination could not possibly have been foreseen!

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Demolitionist is not really good class for pets, especially if you go for skeletons. For skeles I would go with Cabalist, occultist gives tons of flat and a lot survivality + elemental RR. Blood of Dreeg itself is helpful not only for you but for your pets either, especially such squishy as skeletons.

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Echoing what AlkamosHater says about Demolitionist not being good for pets as well, Fire Skellies at that. I tried it a number of updates ago and damage was middle-ish at best, it should be passable (but not amazing) now with improvements like the Raise Skeletons Conduit but the bigger deal was survivability - Demolitionist and more specifically Defiler is horrible for survival on pets compared to it’s peers.

Relying on timed buffs like Blast Shield and Mark of Torment for your defense as opposed to passive defense like Aspect of the Guardian or Possession/Primal Bond just sucks, no innate physical resistance that Occultist/Shaman can afford also stings deeply. Defiler also provides no pet resistances or means of healing your pets up. Finally, some of the skills like transmuted BWC or Thermite Mines while great as devotion proccers and for RR are massive aggro generators.

If you really want to try Fire Skellies, save yourself the headache and go Cabalist like AlkamosHater recommends or Ritualist.


Lmao #petsaredead

Well built, well piloted! I’ve heard briar-airlines are hiring and paying well :wink:

@AlkamosHater all memes aside, great job with this build, (as expected from you)

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You focused on one aspect of the build, being Pet Speed, while ignoring everything else.

The only thing your posts showed were an utter ignorance to how pet builds work in general and also in this particular case while ignoring everything posted by everyone that contradicts your views.

Try making a pet build with just massive Speed and no damage.
Or try going for both damage and speed at the cost of defensive stats like resistances.
Or try going for all the above, but with different pets or number of pets.

This is not your private blog. Even if you are merely posting your opinions, expect those who disagree with your views to make their own posts.

But I guess when you can no longer defend your position, you resort to ignoring everything that proves you wrong and act like a troll.

Part of the reason behind the insane speeds is that AlkamosHater uses multiple MI’s with basically impossible affixes, all of which have some sort of %Attack Speed bonus applied to it. You can see it on the weapon, MI, amulet, and belt. Additionally, the 2 Briarthorns hit like a truck thanks to the skill modifiers, so they kill fast enough that AlkamosHater can afford to use Mogdrogen’s Blessing augments on jewelry, leading to even more OA and attack speed.

Nearly all pet builds don’t have that combination of massive flat damage at once (thanks to the Briarthorn) and stacking multiple %Attack Speed affixes + using a BiS set which provides nearly all the defensive protection you need. Without all of that, clearing time goes down, which requires you to prepare more defensively, and you result in much more manageable times.

All in all, this is basically a TAS with more impossible greens than banana_peel’s melee Pierce builds (since you’re stacking multiple rare affixes + multiple Seer’s prefix for pet skill points compared to simpler Cunning stacking). Outside of tamping down both of the %damage modified for the Briarthorn, there’s not much you can realistically do that wouldn’t hurt more reasonable builds that only carry 1 of these affixes.


a whooping 1400% damage and 240% attack speed and 80% OA to the pet :cold_face::cold_face:

i guess the korvaak blade, bloodsworn codex, zaria pendant can be target farm but getting the right combination would be too painful.

Just remember boys; pets are balanced

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So, will there be nerfs to this build seeing as the items that make it op are so hard to get??

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if you have some luck with the rng it might be possible, else you can still gdstash it.

i tried to farm zaria pendant, and the best i got now is resistant pendant of the wild, i have a korvaak blade of binding of lower tier that i got some times ago. yet to see any seer’s yet, but i don’t focus too much on that since i farm sr for the blueprints for now, can’t say how long needed to get the great combinations.

arguably the bysmiel set for maya’s lightning fluffy squishy might be as difficult to get if not harder, because it can not be target farm and has no blueprint if not mistaken. hopefully higher sr would help.

i wonder if there is any fire type superboss that resist fire pet? example the mogdrogen resists lightning pet like a tank.

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Do you think Dire Bear’s “Maul” devotion proc assigned to a Briarthorn would help sweeten the Phys Dmg deal?

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Yes, definitely. You are still going to need a good amount of %bonus damage to pets and it will never be as good as converted damage, everything else being equal. But the potential to be more than decent of a build is definitely there, especially if you are also going for amulet + off-hand Total Damage modifiers for Briarthorns.

Yeah, the lack of blueprints definitely hurts Bysmiel’s Trinket farming even at high SR.

Highly likely since builds have been nerfed over less. As much as I love Pet builds, this thing here is an absolute monster. So, would actually be surprising if it didn’t get hit with a balance patch.

However, at the same time, there are quite a few different variables and the greens used play a non negligible part in it. I remember builds with double rare MIs and such getting more leeway in regards to nerfs, but not sure if that still applies.

I can however, safely say that even incase of nerfs, the build is still going to be rather strong simply due to how much damage it is packing.


What are the faction choices for this?

Faction does not matter really for this build, however necromancers are usually better for summoners due to some specific auguments that can be usefull under some circumates.

That’s not true, people overrate some % damage and single gear choices in Crucible too much (in case of “cheesy” setups at least). Pets were “nerfed”, retal was “killed” (massive % nerfs and more) and it added like 10-20 seconds average or nothing. After 1 year of constant nerfs. Does not matter if your damage is 10% higher or lower, mutators, spawns, random fps drops or random crits matter more. Grinding good crucible run is so freaking rng based that current “1 shard meta” SR clean is not even close.

The reason this build is so strong is double khonsar rings (that’s the only hard part to get) and converting insane flat damage. There are other suffixes for weapon and amulet to get more skill points to briars and I guarante that even going something like 24/26 is not going to change very much in practice after you got two rings. Also double rare pet affixes for pet items were dropping like candy long time ago before this smart loot change, at least from my experience.

Ofcourse if someone wants to go full legit sub4 with this build then grind is real, but eating celestials alive or killing bosses in SR in few seconds like most players play do not need 100% damage more or less.


Looks like you’re losing 6% pet AS and 10% modified briar damage. I imagine the build will still be ridiculous? Lol

And the Ring of Khonsar, which was buffed in with increased fire damage for pets on the skill proc and now looks like will be nerfed with less flat and less fire damage% for pets for

I’m just salty that Korvaak’s burning blade is kinda better on almost every mastery combo EXCEPT the one it’s intended for. It triggers me so hard I’m losing my mind over it. Why not give Korvaak’s burning blade some unique effect for defiler? How hard is that?

Like minions have lvl1 blast shield to flame touched
1% of minion attack damage drained as life to player to flame touched

I still stand by my previous suggestions that demolitionist should have some single passive nodes that affects minions. Like burning black metal armor on the briar. Mortar attached to the blight fiend. Some pet support passives. Demolitionist are like sorcerers and engineers combined. It just makes sense, at least to me, that demolitionist should have some passives where he/she can improve pets with the fires of industry.

Rant over … sorry. It just… Korvaak’s blade is better on a cabalist and conjurer than the defiler, the class combo the item is ACTUALLY targeting. It’s just so dumb.

You would have to give Demolitionist (or even Defiler) a lot to make it competitive with the main 3 combos for pet, more than what can/should realistically go onto a single weapon. The problem I went more into detail above is not pet damage but just surviving both for the pets and players - it is far, far, far easier to make a summoner and their pets survive with Occultist or Shaman.

That said, I think some people here would just settle with making Demolitionist fairly viable for pets in the same way as Arcanist or Inquisitor. Neither of these outshine Occultist, Shaman or Necromancer either but can still be strong, valid picks as secondaries for pet builds in the appropriate situations with a solid primary pet mastery.

While some innovative ideas like these or some kind of Vindictive Flame/Retaliation playstyle for pets could be neat to see, tying them to Defiler isn’t really feasible/possible with the way the game is currently designed and works.

As far as pet support skills in Demolitionist - there is Flame Touched/Temper. Debuffs also exist in Flashbang (though this conflicts with Rotting Fumes), Demon Fire (also conflicts with Decay/Ill Omen) and Agonizing Flames/Thermite Mine for RR.

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