[] 4400000 dummy DPS Khonsar Beastcaller Conjurer -> 3:59 Crucible + 170ex 6:26/ Callagadra 2:00 + Ravager 44 sec + Crate 24 sec + Mogdrogen 1:15 / SR 110

Hello, I am back from retirement for a while with fastest pet build I have ever made which helped me to reach sub4 Crucible first time in my life. Finding so fast setup took me many days of testing various beastcaller variants.
This one is raw fire damage basically without dots. Damage types I tested before I found this one:

  1. Pure bleed
  2. Bleed + chaos
  3. Pure chaos
  4. Bleed + lightning
  5. Pure lightning
  6. Bleed + cold
  7. Bleed + vitality
  8. Bleed + fire (results comparable to bleed/chaos I have posted)
  9. Bleed + acid (2nd strongest, fastest vs Callagadra and Crate)

Looks like stacking flat damage and conversions was way to go. Build was making to fight for every single second in Crucible so there are choices that could be suboptimal outside.

Full DPS with greens: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BrEnB2

Bonus cheaper full DPS (no skillpoints greens needed): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlvAbjN

Bonus cheaper balanced setup (1 less button too): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwo1m8Z

About devotions:
-In DPS setup I wanted to stack as many pet stats as possible so going for both Typhos + Staff of Rattosh was good choice. Otherwise there are some additional aoe procs.
-In balanced setup I took Behemoth because it’s very good defensive proc for summoners.

Itemization to explain:
Relic - there is one difference between crucible and rest of the game. In Crucible Bysmiel’s Domination is more comfortable to play due to speeding up pets, they can switch targets faster. Everywhere else Primal Instinct is best, 1 skill point + converted swarms does better single target damage, it’s better in SR and for bosses. Next important thing - you don’t want to get hit in SR/celestials and that’s necessary for Bysmiel proc, you can’t really take full potential of it outside of speedrunning crucible.

Boots - Deathwalker’s Grace due to slow res for pets is helpful with speedrunning, otherwise Fiendflesh Greaves is safer choice due to damage absorbtion. However I played with both boots, can’t really say difference in damage. If you lack skillpoints - go for Grim Harvest.

Weapon - Korvaak’s Burning Blade is needed for full conversion. Hunt for pet stats (skill points especially, it helps to made itemization more fluid.

Rings - dual Khonsar is needed for full damage conversion and necessary for speedrunning. However one + blue version is okay (or even double blue). We have a lot of flat chaos damage and build is based around conversions.

Belt - shaman’s green because it’s possible to reach maximum damage with it. Shadowfiend’s Cord is great choice too, even more recommended.

Pants - Wildshorn Legguards are best because of all these skill points + other pet stats. There is pet retaliation too and we have bunch of it. Some double rare greens (or any other with pet stats) are good either.

Amulet + Offhand - absolutely BiS due to modifiers for Briarthorns, no alternative.

Components in weapon slots - I took Enchanted Flint for maximizing damage. Outside of Crucible go for classic Seal of Might.

Jewelery auguments - I have ignored pets resistances because everything used to die too fast, did not want to lose damage. Mender’s Power is safer.

Crucible 3:59 - it was 3:59,7 (Banana_peel’s calculations) or 3:59,382 (Supertolik’s careful calculations with some video tool). Well, sub4 is sub4, it was very nice feeling to reach first run under 4 minutes in my life, especially with such little difference. I took fevered rage (it was absolutely consistent) to lure monsters faster after I scored 4:00 without. Exact setup used: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aRbeBV

170ex naked 6:20 - I wanted to go for sub6 but it’s very hard because pets are not really good in it. I will try some more however.

SR 110 - the best defense is good offense, kill things before they agro us. Just fun single run without troubles with “glass cannon” setup. Full pushing may require more balanced setup and luck after 105.

Callagadra 2 min

Ravager 44 seconds

Crate 24 seconds - for some reason this build sucks there compare to my other builds, even with highest dps possible.

Mogdrogen 1:15

Dummy 4400000 dps reached in grimtools

Bonus Acid/Bleed setup videos (16 sec Crate, 1:49 Callagadra, 47 seconds Ravager)








Crucible best score was 4:32 if I remember correctly, SR 115 passed. However no videos because thread is about other build. Acid Bleed full dps setup used: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYr0Xe2


Fwuffy.exe has stopped working…


nerf pets when?


I guess next patch. I hope Zantai won’t take them too harsh, I don’t want to be blamed by legit players for nerfing their builds with GD stash and heavy grind :scorv:


Very nice. I had the feeling this concept might work well after the blade and Primal got a boost in an older patch. I never was motivated to try a similar item/devotion outlay around a year ago but I am happy to see the fire burn so well.

Without a doubt the recent improvements to Hellhound have a huge impact.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing that 65% total damage boost from amulet + book toned down or outright removed for base Briar buff and something else on the items instead :woman_shrugging:

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Personally, I think it’s the briars that are needing a down-tweak. :man_shrugging: The briars are pretty fundamental to most uber pets builds. And the extra stuff just helps out, usually. This is also why beast-caller set complete is so common.

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Thanks! The reasons this concept outperforms other builds in terms of clearing speed:

  1. Double Khonsar works well with Stormspirit and Hellfire - due to conversion tons of flat is converted into fire.
  2. A lot of “hidden” damage - all fire % from Korvaak, Khonsars and Hellfire.
  3. Double RR% from being Conjurer.
  4. Basically no dots (they are there technically but I could not feel them really) - it helps in clearing a lot. Pets based on dots are hard, exhausting and frustrating to pilot, there is a lot of micro used. Best way to play it is never using pet command (until attacking healers). Build is played itself, just cast debuffs.

Yes, these modifiers are a little bit too high. Also there is one overpowered item (not the one I used because it fit best there). Salazar dagger’s pet is often more worth to use than converting damage on many archetypes, it was barely worse than my current weapon and it outperforms everything everywhere outside of this build.

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'll just leave here what i wrote yesterday about it:


Nerfing base Briar makes it worse on non Briarthorn focused builds and it doesn’t over perform there. That I can confirm.

There is also the issue with +skill bonuses for Briars being rare outside of Greens. Like, it is easier to hardcap other pets comparitively.

But when you have essentially 3x Briarthorns worth of damage…

Hmm. This is a good point. Perhaps the set with 2x briar, helm BiS buff, and open weapon slots is the issue. And also the greens are pretty high.

Yeah, wouldn’t mind seeing the greens being made incompatible with the set like what Blightfiends got regarding unstable anomaly.

What the Hell(hound) is going here?

3.59 on pet build is crazy fast! Actually being pet master gives you a chance to shift your focus on pure damage and still survive, nicely done to figure everything on this build


Maybe the Pet should be buffed and then made the Set bonus of Desecrator Covenant ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


If not that dagger into this set - It would be cool to play with double Salazars, even if they were nerfed :thinking:

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In response, I’ll leave here what I wrote last year:

I’m surprised that Fire beat out Lightning, but I suppose with the green belt giving a bunch of Shaman points and Fire RR being easier to apply than Lightning RR, I guess I’m not too surprised.

Excellent seeing what a great player can do with an optimized build. Nice job.

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Wow, impressive results.

You can bind something to Amatok Breath and save to points from DEE. I’d max Storm Spirit or Manipulation here.

Also, did you experiment with Infernal Breath? It got all dmg redux. Since we now know it also reduces offensive debuffs, might be worth it. Plus better proccing from the Hound.

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There are few reason that raw fire damage can be made way higher than raw lightning.

If we check on pure itemization (typical items for fire vs lightning variant) in terms of DPS:

  1. Korvaak’s Blade vs Spark of Ultos - % damage can be pretty close but korvaak can have additional skill points from affixes and stats like attack speed/OA. 100% phys->fire is pernament too, you do not need to relly on proc from rings which has not 100% uptime/
  2. Khonsar rings vs Khelpat’zoth - fire flat is more “consistent”, it has more stable value than nature of lightning. Next thing is conversions, with khonsar you can get 100% chaos and lightning -> fire so you convert massive amount of flat into fire from skills like Hellfire and Stormfire + devotions (flat from Raven/ Fiend + Rhowan proc). Look at relic too - Bysmiel got a lot of chaos flat, Primal Instinct can be fully converted with Khonsar too.
  3. Arcane Bomb for Lightning is really frustrating to proc, almost impossible to aim it at crucible with build like that. Solael is pretty easy, just binded to pets.
  4. I heard from other builders that overall lightning damage is in bad state, enemies are going to take much longer to kill and it is spreaded too much so RNG based.
  5. Components in weapon if you want to min-max - lightning has 0 for pets. Fire got 16 flat/ 150% fire/burn/ 15% chance for burn flat.

Many overpowered things in history often came from conversions, that’s a case there.

Thanks! I considered binding Amataok Breath but I am just too used to some gameplay, I did not charge through enemies a lot of and it’s hard to “teach an old dog new tricks” :sweat_smile:

I have checked infernal breath but did not see difference, things die to fast and I think all these pure stats from Hellhound could be better there.

Yeah that’s right. Like you can’t teach Hellhound to do “any real damage”, just to mess up with enemies :smiling_imp:

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This is an interesting lab experiment, very helpful for optimizing builds but I think it would be sad if zaria pendant needs to be nerfed over it. In my experience physical briarthorn is actually very weak damage and +65% feels justified in normal gameplay that isn’t going to see conversion or a 2nd briarthorn in a long time.

I think the weird part is a tier 3 bleed devotion somehow being the best choice for a fire build. I think the huge speed bonus on all the flat bonuses is the issue. If the speed on the proc was nerfed hard and a large %physical dmg bonus was added on top of it to compensate, converted builds would be scared away from this devotion towards more balanced options and physical/bleed builds can be more competitive with them.

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