[] Amarasta Skeleton Squad - Melee Dual Wield Hybrid Pet Reaper - SR75

This is a theory crafted build, I was afraid this experiment was going to fall apart somewhere around SR30 and may have only value as a meme build for entertainment purposes, but it crushed all my expectations and is actually a solid SR75 cleaner

Dual wielding theodin mace + warden krieg mace is just pure gold!

The skeletons are very solid and selfsustaining with tree of life + behemoth, regular mobs can be killed with ‘plays the game for you’ playstyle. The character uses rylok wings to leap to the harder targets and take them down in melee with fleshwarped strikes and 90% WPS coverage. Shadow strike isn’t used as it has no useful debuffs for this build.

Blight fiend is not used, only skeletons and skeletal servant

Ill omen is used in this build to facetank nemesis in deep SR, in campaign you can get by with less DR and use ravenous earth or no DR at all. The confusion can actually be a bit annoying on weak targets, although it works nice if you regulary want to sit back and watch the skeletons do all the work.

Grimtools kept all MIs single rare

Couldn’t find any special rings for this build, so instead I used double rare commons, but the ‘untamed’ affixes on them are optional the prefixes are what matters most, so finding something useful shouldn’t be too problematic.

I keep using fleshwarped platemail and bysmiel legs on my builds, so I feel a need to explain this, I’m a pretty bad pilot and at least for me light armor chests are underpowered and I want all my characters to be hardcore viable anyway. A single rare fleshwarped mail is in my experience easier to farm than a double rare heavy redeemer piece (but if you find a useful one, by all means use it). As for the bymiel legs they are also much easier to farm than any nemesis legs especially since they have higher odds for untamed/wild/caged and reaper legs for example don’t. Furthermore any pet build that is not conjurer has much harder time getting enough physical resist on pets.


It may be smart to level this build just as playing a regular single class pierce or cold nightblade at least until you get a theodin heart because without it aether dual wielding is not very effective, the only earlier available alternative is blaze herald, but is significantly weaker (it would be great together with theodin heart in a non-pet build).
However if you want to level with skeletons from the start, aether skeletons are better than physical and you can get a krieg judgement early, so you can decide to start with shepherd crook and focus more on the pet side early, spectral binding also has physical RR so you can dual wield with a physical weapon (non-armor piercing) in your main hand and use trollrage as autoattack replacer. In hybrid pet builds it is important to share RR with your pets to save skillpoints.
Another possibilty is use an aether offhand and cast drain essence. put aethersteel bolts in the offhand to increase aether RR.


Thank you for posting this! Although it’s alot of greens, give me something I’ve really been wanting to level and give a shot!

It does make sense

I’ve always felt that AA builds need to sink points into AOE skills as well, just to get rid of mobs while they concentrate on the big guys.
And pet builds tend to need all their resource into making their pets strong enough to take on anything.

But if you build for pets only thinking of clearing mobs, they can act as that clean-up AOE without taking up too much resources. (of course, that only works if you can get more than 1 or 2 pets that way, so skelletons are perfect)