[] Assault Spellshield | Physical Damage Shield Caster - Cruci 170, SR 76+

GrimTools: Templar, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

This build is powerful and mobile. The main source of damage for this build is it’s tremendous Devastation, critting for up to 170,000 per rapidly falling stone onto enemies, supplemented by heavily converted Bone Lance and Twin Fangs that pierce through enemy ranks.

Blind Fury devotion assigned to Devastation means for additional constant AOE damage to all nearby enemies. A small 7 meter Judgment lowers enemy DA by 217 points, Mauls them for a 35% armor reduction (and heals you for 40% of it’s damage) - Perfect for debuffing enemies and pulling them in toward the shredstorm of Devastation and Blind Fury.

Maul, Devastation, Twin Fangs, Tip the Scales and Wendigo Rush all contribute toward this character’s self healing, plus a measly 3% attack damage converted to health.

This build’s survivability comes from Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, a moderate Ascension, Mirror of Eroectes, and high mobility with two movement abilities so that you may dart in and out of peril as required. Nullification is fantastic for helping to clear dot damage.



How would you/did you level this build?

Here’s some very rough and quick sketch with DW Ranged RF and Guardians. You go to the FG after killing Krieg for the weapons and helmet if you’d like a 3rd Guardian. Devil’s Crossing Rep for Gunslinger’s relic than enables DW. In devo you could start with Bull Rush on Guardians for some more DPS (can respec later from it).
Templar, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

You could also level with Physical AAR or Conflagration (available at PV) if you convert it one or 2 of these guns and/or Elem → Phys shoulder but that would be harder to manage for a new / casual player.