( Budget Mythical Arcanor Battlemage, feedback requested!

A mythical arcanor has been sitting in my stash for a while now.

And I don’t play enough arcanists or soldiers to have great gear for either.

I just started leveling my battlemage by way of forcewave soldier.

I think this build here Grimtool Link

Would be a great place to end up, I used mostly farmable or faction vendor gear, assuming I don’t get great drops. I already have a couple arcane harmony leggings, really like them for my caster builds.

Would love feedback! This is my first build!

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in Grim Dawn you need to focus on getting your %damage to a good point by gear and devotions.
For example you’d rather have at least 2000% Fire, Cold, Lightning damage since it’s the Forcewave damage type. You achieve that by having more items and constellations with %Elemental / %All damage

Krieg set doesn’t really provide you with that. Also its gloves don’t have Casting Speed which would be useful.

Also you put points into Break Morale (Reduced Physical Resistances) but your Forcewave, as I said, deals Elemental damage so you neeed to Reduce Resistance in another way - Rhowan’s Crown (Elemental Storm) would be perfect here as it has Reduced Target’s Elemental Resistances.

I made a fantasy Tactician once if you’d like to compare: Elemental FW (not tested)

Now I think that perhaps you thought your Forcewave will be dealing Physical damage somehow?
Then you need some other weapon because Arcanor is converting it to Elemental which is not supported by your gear.


for a budget build around the sword, I would likely target something like this (and than make adjustments if necessary) - Battlemage, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

(is a bit defense orientated [e.g. Mehir’s Bulwark], but has already all resistance overcapped, DA is still a bit low, but the 5 MIs don’t have any affixes - so this should be rather easy to fix)


The build lacks a lot of things. If the damage you deal is Elemental then your fire, cold and lightning modifier should be at least 2000%, DA and can improve to 2k5 with affixes but OA is the prob. OA should be over 3k because critting with tri-ele is tough.

That’s a nice one. Check this devo Battlemage, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
It’s basically the same but I finished Chariot for the proc and have Ghoul instead of Fox.
Btw it reminds of a peasant that found a royal sword with all this budget gear and Arcanor :wink:

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I would not say that my devotion setup is the optimum (it was functional enough to share, but surely not best). My first quick theory craft had 8% Adcth - which seemed a bit low, so I simply edited fox in and removed only what was necessary. :slight_smile:

There was the thread with thematic orientated characters - this one could be nice entry. A young soldier inherited the legendary sword of his father and now tries to find his place in world …

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Great advice guys! Will tweak!

Looks good will check it out!