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Hi everyone, I like to share my Defiler with you. At first I focused on Aether>Physical Conversion but that setup didn’t go well. I tweaked some things and found a good Kilrian Skullbreaker for the build and decided to use it; forgot seal of the voids and used seal of mights instead. But the best part was that I had Demolitionist prefix on a Kaisan Amulet lol! Anyway here it is.

Images from the game with permanent buffs, Soul Harvest buff and Ulzaad’s Decree buff

Helmet and Boots crafted with Stun Resist.
PS: The suffix of Kaisan Amulet is ‘‘of Wolverine’’ which deleted a few patches ago, just gives 50ish physique and OA.

:nerd_face::nerd_face: GRIMTOOLS :nerd_face::nerd_face:

Gear Choices

Beronath Reforged is core of the build. I just had it so used but you can try to craft with %physique or armor.

Kaisan amulet is a good one; of course getting with ‘‘fire strike’’ prefix is very hard; build surely lose some damage without it but won’t break it; try to get stats, especially physique so you can pump more cunning.

Kilrian’s Skullbreaker, anything that doesn’t convert phys>X is okay; but earthbound has good stats and proc.

3 Piece Justicar set is also core of the build; provides good armor absorption flat fire to convert and good enough %physical damage.

Obsidian Grasp is also BiS; no need to use Justicar Gloves since that doesn’t provide any % damage or physical resist.

Barbaross very good pants for the build; there are lots of alternatives but OA and proc is important.

Gladiator Distinction is BiS to convert vitality>physical.

Korvaak’s Brand is for dual wield enabling but also provides Static Strike bonus, AS and flat lightning damage to convert. Direwolf can be used aswell for OA.

I choosed Serenity over Annihilation relic because I compared their benefits; +1 necro side provides good enough damage to compare annihilation’s good stats; only loss it’s proc but Serenity allows us to skip Ghoul as circuit breaker.

Black Matriarch and Combustion rings are BiS.

Magelord Greaves are good enough, at first I used Boneshatter threads but build lacked slow resist due to already low attack speed.

Constellation Choices

At first I went for Azrakaa and used RE for damage reduction but build was very clunky. but with last setup I tried to go for Light of Empyrion and resulted better also it allowed me to skip Ill Omen or RE and utilize those skill points into Flame Touched and gained OA and damage.

Then it was 5 points Azrakaa or Complete Dire Bear choice; I went for Dire Bear for better stats and proc; also build has already impaired aim and OA shred.

The rest is usual; took 4 points Scales for both flat RR and Survival. Ulzaad is must for the build and Ulo is for good resistances&stats.

SR 76 Boss Room

It’s not perfectly safe to farm 75-76 but consistent enough. A bit slow though. Build can(maybe) go to 85 but I felt Necrotic Edge weirdness a lot while testing; especially in crowds. I guess it make build vulnerable while fps drops.

Avatar of Mogdrogen

Used lightning resist consumable, lifestealer oil and 2x aether cluster. Don’t be me, use OA consumables aswell. lol

Ravager of Flesh

Used everything lol, and kited a lot after second phase but managed to kill eventually.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m having so much fun with this build but how did you get 921 cunning? I swapped from Pets (RektByProtoss) to your build and did the exact skill points and devotion allocations and then attempted to do the exact in attribute points spent listed on the Grimtools but found myself unable to dump 60 into cunning as the Mythical Chausses of Barbaros Pants required a whopping 1034 Physique to wear and no skill/devotions were helping to majorly boost Phys atttribute and thus I’m stuck with 46 points in Cunning and and 57 in Physique and although I’m still demolishing all content I come across I’m unable to reach the 3k OA required to land hits on Ravager like you were capable of even with all the exact consumables lol I’m only able to reach 2.8k :skull: which sucks as I’m hoping to swap to RBP’s Gargabol Defiler and Ravager’s helmet is the last item I need! where did I happen to go wrong?

Well I’m glad you’re having fun with it but this build depends totally on converted physical damage which is not a thing now so it’s performance won’t be the same.

And for your question; my amulet suffix(which is not exist in game since it was an old one) provides 40-50ish physique and cunning. Also my serenity was providing %4 each physique and cunning that should affect the points as atleast a few. My tip for you is, don’t use Harbinger of Souls since now losing %10 physical damage doesn’t worth the attack speed and lifesteal. 12/12 Master of Death should provide enough offensive ability. But losing HoS force you to take some lifesteal which might lead you to alter the devotions.

Edit: Defiler, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator something like this should work. Ofc it’s really hard to get such amulet with FS bonus. In return you can use Amatok’s Step and find an amulet that provides necessary resistances and stats etc.