[] Disappointment Tempest - An attempt at 2H cold spam Callidor Druid & feedback

Given the recent buff to Harra’s set, I wanted to try a new build, this time with Callidor’s Tempest. Spellbreaker seemed the obvious and better choice so, of course, I went Druid.

With permanent buffs and Elemental Imbalance

GRIMTOOLS: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aRwwEV

Build performance
A hard boss room in SR66 with Fabius and Moosilauke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OpeIVRGk5o
A very tedious Lokarr kill (try not to laugh challenge): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpvVKFFWbDU

I handled Mad Queen fine but I died to Morgoneth :rofl:

Skill points allocation
No surprises there. The only thing worth mentionning here is that I went Stormcaller’s Pact for crit damage over Star Pact.

I tried Leviathan route but I could only bind Whirpool to Wendigo Totem so I barely procced at all. The damage reduction and sustain from Yugol is much better.

Gearing options and feedback
Here’s where it gets interesting. Harra’s helm grants full fire and lightning to cold conversion. While the 3 set bonus to Harra is (finally) good, the 4 set bonus to CT is still bad: no +skill bonus, a laughable damage bonus and aether to cold conversion. Since the conversion part is covered by Nacrathan’s medal and Harra’s amulet does nothing for Arcanist, there isn’t any reason to go 4 piece Harra at the moment.

Now about the weapon. Check this out:

Despite having no cold support at all, Scion of the Screaming Veil, with its ridiculous 50% weapon damage to Callidor’s Tempest, has more damage than Bane of the Winter King (with the aura!). This weapon is so strong (and CT scaling so weak) that it makes any other 2H weapon obsolete for 2H CT.


  • Improve the damage bonus on 4 piece Harra to Callidor’s Tempest and/or add flat cold damage to the amulet.
  • Give +3 Inferno to 4 piece Harra to open up pants options. Right now Kuba pants are pretty much the only option I found to cap this skill.
  • Move some of the power from Scion of the Screaming Veil to Callidor’s Tempest base skill. A single item to nearly double the weapon damage on a skill seems a bit excessive and Spellbinder isn’t really a class that needs such busted itemization to be viable. CT spam isn’t really overperforming anyway, so I think it’s clear that CT is just too weak at the moment.

I had tons of fun putting this build together and hopefully buffs to Callidor’s Tempest will bring it in a good place.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


That Lokarr kill was miles better than my 3+ minute kill on my Winter King Pet build with a ton of buff pots and me running around trying to survive. Mine was truly laughable. Your standards seem to be really high level.

Maybe my standards are high, but this build doesn’t even come even close to my Cold Stun Jacks Saboteur using the same set.

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