[] Dreadweaver DW Melee Vitality Death Knight SR 75-76

For a long time now wanted to make Death Knight build using definetly underused Dreadweaver. Took some building ideas from @fordprefect and managed to make build capable of clearing SR 75-76


Grimtools link

This is one of the core items. Looks good and it’s bonuses looking good too. But is there a Cold based DK? Haven’t seen one. And adding cold weapon like Dreadweaver to pure vitaliry build is somewhat stupid idea.
But by using Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle and Namadea’s Eye managed to convert most of its cold bonuses to vitality. By choosing Namadea’s Eye had to exclude Direwolf Crest so relic slot now occupied by Blademaster’s Talisman to allow dualwielding.
Other core items are Blood Knight set
Signet of the Fallen and Cursebearer here for RR
Reaper’s Legguards here for BH bonus

Build capable of trading blows with Ravager without farma until his “second phase” and then pharma and kiting are requred.
SR 75-76 perfectly clearable. Got some deaths only when got greedy around traps or packs of heroes with nemesis.

Thank you for giving me credit. Good effort, nice to see people making vitality melee builds and interesting take.

I have a few suggestions for you;

  1. You’re converting most of the cold damage into vitality yes but you are also converting half of your physical damage(which includes your off-hand weapon) to cold aswell. Maybe you should use 2x Dreadweaver?

  2. While dual wielding melee Cadence works better with %100 WPS and procs them on Cadence hits aswell. You should consider getting NE or ZT aswell to complete the cap. And also if you’re not going to 12/12 fighting form then 1 point is enough.

  3. Your resistance overcaps are a bit low, I would be surprised if you complete a SR run without dying. With the monsters’ debuff you have very high chance of dying since no overcap to cover the loss. I would suggest using serenity relic but that require direwolf on medal slot thus it lowers your conversion.

  1. Testing 2x Dreadweaver now. Damage is higher only with Beronath Fury as main attack.
  2. There were two WPS from masteries and one from relic. Took NE when swapped to 2x Dreadweavers. And fighting form is 1 pointer.
  3. Yeah resistance overcaps are low and i have yet to figure how to make them higher. SR run without dying is manageable but not by facetanking of every horde. Getting killed only if fighting too many heroes at once or by fighting with traps around.

It would be better if you drop Dreadweaver but since you want to use it, you can get a ring of basti for %100 conversion and use 2x Dreadweaver, forget physical damage completely, focus on WPS. And the Menhir’s Will doesn’t work with dual wield unfortunately. And for resistances, you must get them by your MI’s, different affixes, maybe change your boots with rift-torn greaves you can fix your components, rn they are a bit messy. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pPqjB2 just a quick revising of your augments, components with basti and second dreadweaver without changing your style.

Thanks for good ideas. Completely forgot about Ring of Basti. Maybe then using conversion from belt and ring(albeit conversion will be around 80%) i could change medal and relic for something more useful. Will try out now. Thinking now if there is a way to build cold based DK

Yes possible ofc but don’t expect wonders https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2ggKGv2