[] DW hybrid ranged paladin [SR65-66]

Greetings travelers! Long time reader first time poster here. Today i would like to show you my first working build - a paladin that got caught by false advertising and spent her holiday in Barrowholm. Meet the Steakfan:


REMARK: This is endgame build, for leveling i would recommend something more straightforward and then respec at 100.

Core of the build is Goredrinker set with a pair of nice and shiny Bloodborers. Everything else is there to get more skill points, for vire’s might in particular(Yes, Galewind Treads, i am looking at you!).I decided to use Mark of the Farseer to get some more more utility and buttons to press while waiting for vire’s might cooldown. The playstyle is really simple - debuff with Word of Pain, ride in with medal skill, use horn and ride through mobs with vire’s might, after that you also cant shoot a bit. Relic in grimtools without craft bonus just to show that it is ok to have anything there.


Stats looks kinda average, nothing unusual, main resists are capped, secondary are a bit of struggle, but if you craft with slow resist then it will be much better.Main damage comes from bleeding, but pierce is also noticeable and allows to facetank few elites thanks to 23% ADCTH. Despite having some armor and phys resist this build designed for kiting, it has serenity as circuit breaker also don’t be shy to drink heal potion.

For devotion i grabbed ones with bleeding damage and giant blood for some heal.


I did like 10 65-66 Shattered realm runs. sometimes i just skate through one third of level just spamming word of pain, if there is no healers then it finishes quickly - mobs are melting with WoP and Rend. For boss rooms - pool nems one by one, watch your serenity proc and you will be ok. Also get some righteous fervor stacks for defensive ability buff.

Average bleed crit damage on nems 200-250k up to 300k. OA is not that high but Deadly Aim helps. Spent like 2-3 minutes once when pulled pack with 2-3 healers, defender, timewarped and some other crap.

Failed to finish in time once due to very big and wide horn - although it is nice to have damage reduction, it pulled for me map protectors and kaisan on small red boss map - on the other side of the map rashalga was waiting for me so it took me a few deaths to finish it. Overall it is kinda funny build and as phys battlemage pilot i dont think it is hard to pilot this one. P.S. Iron maiden dont like this character, maybe she is vegan, idk.

Not tested in crucible, but i think this one needs atleast a bit of room to kite sometimes.Thanks for your attention!


Hey welcome to the forum! Glad you shared, it’s nice to have new people sharing builds :slight_smile: cool idea, looks very neat and I like that you used Horn as bleed source.

But the grimtools link you shared is not a direct upload your build I suppose, you filled it manually? Devos aren’t binded and no skills on the bar suggest that, if you don’t know that spec it’s okay, you can upload your any existing character on the left-upper side of the website, click there and follow the instructions.

And about your build check this devotions route https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mAq5r2, I don’t know what to bind Living Shadow and Bat but they’ll keep you alive more efficiently than Giant’s Blood. And you weren’t using any flat RR source(or I overlooked it) so added Scales aswell, it also should help your survival.

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Goredrinker supports pierce. Doesn’t support health regen. So I’d go dual dmg with pierce (like Bloodrager does with phys) for leech instead of taking Behemoth. I’m thinking Trecherous Means belt, some Belgo rings, finishing the shadow devo, some Ghoul, etc, and packing lots of adcth. It’s cliche but sadly with a few exceptions it’s the only way builds can function in GD in endgame.

The belt isn’t mythical on the GT link :thinking:

@fordprefect thanks for the reply. yes, there was no flat RR i was thinking of using gildor pulverizer but then forgot why. Fixed devotions and GT. Did some runs, feels a bit better.

@ya1 Thanks for reply.Yes that’s true, this build is not endgame (i assume that means glad crucible or 75+ or whatever shards). Look at it as fun build or meme if you want. It can farm 65-66 shards and i think it is reasonable if someone wants to try something new.

@Monceaux thanks, fixed.

Happens to everyone :smiley: looks nice, might be even better after you max the new devotions. Shattered Realm quest ends in 50th level so anything above can be considered as end-game. Having fun and sharing is the real end-game :wink: