[] DW Rutnick Blasters, Bonemonger's Oppressor. [Mogdrogen, Ravager of the Minds, Crate of Entertainment] [SR75+]


The idea here is to make use of the class as range considering it already has 3 (2 of which will be used) innate range WPS already and with the added WPS bonus in the weapon. Bonemonger will be used with Chains of Ygraad for 85 - 100% Vit to Aether conversion. This build has a good sustain with lifesteal, but it is squishy without the active defenses. It also sometimes relies on Consecration for the defenses here, but since it is range, it is more convenient to proc.

Special thanks to @Monceaux for the suggestions

With permabuffs such as Spectral Wrath, Harbinger of Souls, Presence of Virtue, Arcane Resonance. DPS shown is Righteous Fervor.

With Ascension, Consecration and Soul Harvest. DPS shown is Righteous Fervor.



  • Head, Amulet, Shoulder, Chest : Bonemonger’s Set - Bread and Butter. It offers good bonuses for both OK and Necro.

  • Weapon : Rutnick Blaster - The core weapons . Affixes in my build is non-BiS. Aetherfire + Shattered Reality combo should offer better results. The best thing about this weapon is it already has a dual wield bonus, which means there’s no need for DW enabling medals.

  • Belt : Chains of Ygraad - Huge Vitality to Aether conversion. Dreadlord affix is preferrable. Lunal’Valgoth Belt can be an alternative for +1 Necro and stun reduction bonus.

  • Legs : Reaper Legguards - Simply because the build is lacking Pierce resistance without it. Soul Harvest bonus is good too, but I think Grava pants will also work. Again it depends on the resistance rolls.

  • Gloves : Kriegs - Flat Aether, Physical Resistance and Attack speed are all welcome.

  • Boots: Myth. Timewarped Walkers - Mostly because it offers four resistance bonuses.

  • Relic: Serenity - Simply because the build is lacking good resistance distribution. Non-DA bonus should work here.

  • Rings: Two pieces of Myth. Veilwarden Band - For the Righteous Fervor and attack speed bonuses. Tawrot or Myth. of Eternal Haunt can be used as an alternative

  • Medal: Myth. Mark of the Dreadblade - No brainer here. flat aether damage + RF bonus.

  • Weapon Components: Went with Resonance and Corruption here as opposed to Seal of the Void because of the lack of CC Resistance without Ascension. Corruption for the flat aether damage.


  • Again, stacking devotions with physical resistance bonuses and speed. Went with Aeon’s Hourglass + Spear of the Heavens because the active defenses have long cooldowns, especially Ascension.

  • UPDATE: Gave up Wendigo for Empty Throne because the stun duration reduction without it is too low, So in effect, only the physical resistance was reduced. The attack speed is still capped.




Ravager of the Minds
Semi facetankable even without pharma, but at hp > 50% should be careful. Mind the eye debuff, you can use MoT in response to this debuff. You can also use ascension if he cast some nasty DoT.

Crate of Entertainment
Took some attempts, but doable. Just make sure you’re hitting the crate boss instead of the box minions as the bullets has no pass through except smite.



  • After this and Eard’s Vit gunner. I might say Oppressor is really good with DW guns.

Any suggestions to further improve the build is welcome. Thanks a lot!


There’s a way to achieve 24/16 RF for a potent dps boost, by using a second Veilwarden Band, and getting back the conversion with an Ygraad belt since the +1 Necro doesn’t look critical

Anyway, very solid results, I love this gun :gun:


Updated as per your suggestion. thanks, man.

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Nice take on Rutnick’s Blaster!

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Even semi-facetank of ravager is impressive with dw setup, very nice

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why not use Viper Sandspitter off-hand? fervor needs to pass through enemies by using ranged weapon.