[] Empyrion’s Chosen | Four Man Team [SR 150+] ** Updated Builds: Now in SR 150**

Img credit: @WeaponZero

:: UPDATE: May 24 2021 ::
We’ve tweaked the builds slightly and climbed higher! We were able to finish SR 150 last night, and expect to be able to climb higher when time permits. Our mighty tank Tog still spearheads the fight with his buffed HP of around 70-80k (see his details in the Original Post below). However, the support build and damage builds have all been changed, however.

New Video of SR 150 Boss Room (Tog’s perspective, courtesy of @WeaponZero):

The New Builds Include:

M e n d e r : : Dedicated Healer - Inqusitor Seals and Wendigo Totems

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zjLLk2

This tanky priest holds the frontline with Tog, offering powerful protective and healing magic. This build drops 2x high level boosted wendigo totems and high level inquisitor seals, coupled with Menhir’s Bastion, Stone Form, Healing Rain and Light of Empyrion to significantly bolster the team’s survivability. Aura of Conviction also provides a strong physical resistance buff. Time Dilation helps to keep all skills off cooldown, which is especially handy at the beginning of fights to get both wendigo totems up quickly. It also helps to keep a more constant presence of Healing Rain and Stone Form available to the team. The rest of the playstyle is dropping debuffs and CC onto enemies to lower incoming damage to the tank, or to lower enemy DA to boost the damage dealers.

Mender brings a Brawler’s Distinction medal to use when the team fights Kubacabra to reduce it’s regen.

In our previous setup, inquisitor seals were placed by one of the DPS, but we found that due to the short casting range of seals, it would endanger the DPS to constantly approach the tank in fights or finnicky for the tank to constantly retreat back to where the DPS was. Mender’s healing per second doesn’t match Cheralyn’s at all (see Cheralyn below), but Mender can comfortably spend a lot of time right next to Tog without dying, and thus can comfortably provide inquisitor seals and wendigo totems to the tank with no concern to the damage dealers. This also allows the DPS to focus on doing what they do best: Damage.

Benefits to the Team:

  • 26% + 2780 passive healing per second (2x buffed Wendigo Totems)
  • 50% resistance to Life Reduction and Reflected Damage reduction (Mogdrogen’s Pact)
  • 392 Damage Absorption from 21/12 Inquisitor Seal
  • 400 Damage Absorption (Stone Form)
  • 20% Damage Absorption from Menhir’s Bastion
  • 250 Reduced Target’s DA from Rune of Hagarrad
  • Freeze, Petrify, Entrapment and Slow resist (Mogdrogen’s Pact and Vigor)
  • CC to reduce incoming damage from trash mobs: Confuse, Freeze (Horn of Gandarr, rune of Hagarrad)
  • Healing Rain for AOE Heal, Regen and Energy Regen
  • 15% Physical Resistance (Aura of Conviction)
  • ~250 DA (Word of Renewal+Mogdrogen’s Pact), ~160 OA (Aura of Conviction)

R i g g e r : : 4x Lightning Mortars, 5x Storm Totems

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk7ww4N

Rigger brings the AOE damage. Four buffed mortars and five storm totems wreck wide clusters of enemies, and the damage output of the build is fairly even across the cluster - The amount of damage it can do to a single target is about the same amount of damage it can do to every target nearby. Eternity relic helps to get the build’s damage up quickly. The damage of this build takes a little while to establish, as it takes about ten seconds to have all totems and mortars up. This is not a bad thing, as it allows the tank to establish aggro from the entire group before the damage starts peaking. Both mortars and storm totems have bonus crit damage. Each mortar crits for about 100k damage per shot which is just delightful, not including ‘The Big One’. Highest damage dealt on a ‘The Big One’ is 306k damage to everything in the area. Having four mortars that are constantly refreshing and thus, dropping Big Ones contributes strongly to the wide damage in the area.

In addition to the damage, Rigger brings a wide array of CC which also helps to reduce incoming damage to the tank from trash mobs, including Petrify from Eye of Korvaak, Confuse from Flashbang, 21% chance of fumble/impaired aim from Flashbang, chance to stun (mortars, reckless tempest, ), and knockdown (ulzuin’s wrath).

Rigger can also bring a Brawler’s Distinction when fighting Kubacabra to reduce it’s regen.

M i n e r v a : : Phys damage pets

I don’t have a grimtools for Minerva as this is one of @desioner’s builds, and he is keen to reveal the build in a later forum post :smiley:

What I can say about it for now is that it is a physical damage pet conjurer consisting of 1 familiar, 1 hellhound, 1 primal spirit, 1 eldritch hound, 1 salazar harbinger & 2 briarthorns.

The Briarthorns and Hellhound assist with tanking (if Tog loses aggro, they’ll typically go after one of the pets next!), and this build brings much welcomed physical resistance to the team (Emboldening Presence, Blood of Dreeg). The Familiar also assists with some ranged healing for the team (especially as Mender’s heals are primarily limited to the range of Wendigo Totems). Having the Familiar can help to keep the DPS alive should they take damage from a rogue projectile.

Team buffs go brrrrrrrrrr (from @WeaponZero)

:: Original Post ::

This is the latest and most successful higher SR team I’ve made so far. It takes into account a lot of different building ideas that I’ve tried in the past and unifies them into the one team. So far we’ve made it to 120 SR with no serious issues. When we have time we’ll push further. We’re a fair way behind the other team pushing for deep SR, but we’re having a lot of fun exploring different team strategies and builds together. :slight_smile:

At the core of the team’s success is a tank with up to 80k HP in a team (~72k solo), and a healer that can heal him for up to ~81k hp per second, with the damage dealers each providing integral offensive and defensive buffs.

This team is highly interdependent, and no build does particularly well on its own. They must fight within a medium distance of one another in order to maintain full effectiveness. Also when fighting Kuba, either of the damage builds can equip a Brawler’s Distinction to lower his healing abilities to allow us to finish the fight.

Video (Azraeth (DPS) perspective) by @WeaponZero:

The Builds:

T o g : : Tank - 71k-80k hp, 103% HP Boost to team members

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23OnA12

Tog is an interesting tank. Under the encouragement of @Duskdeep86 , I made this tank to have very high HP. His HP rests at around 55k, jumps to 65k with solo buffs or 71k with all proc buffs. In a team and proc buffs, his HP was up around 80k. Tog also provides high HP bonuses to the team, which also boosts the effectiveness of all %healing abilities in the team.

He is mobile which is important for gathering aggro of enemies in large group fights. He can Vire’s Might to an enemy cluster, use Judgment to pull enemies, Dreeg’s Wounds back to the safety of the healer’s wendigo totems, and Aegis of Menhir anyone chasing the DPS without leaving his post. Generally, his ability to keep aggro is good. He has a resting phys resistance of only 35% (55% with Living Fortress activated). This is normally far too low for a tank in high SR. But, the rest of the team provides Aura of Conviction (+15%), Aspect of the Guardian (+13%) and Emboldening Presence (+15% phys resist), bringing him to 78% resting phys resist, or 80% with 18% overcap with Living Fortress activated. This reliance on the team has strong implications for his playstyle - He is explicitly not allowed to be too far away from his team otherwise he will take strong spike damage. One of the benefits of building the team this way is that even if the tank is stripped of it’s buffs, it will still be strongly protected by the team - it’ll have full healer’s capabilities, inquisitor seal, all of the phys resistance buffs and so on.

A resting 41% Healing Increase allows this build to be healed incredibly (around 64-70k healing per second from the healer), which spikes to a 66% healing increase if Resilience is triggered. Divine Light from Mythical Mark of Divinity provides a very generous 3 seconds of damage immunity when triggered, allowing you to consider what just happened and what you need to do next to avoid dying.

At one point I leapt ahead into a group to get aggro before the team started opening fire, and saw my HP drop to about 15k. I was playing with 300 ping, so it took a moment for my circuit breakers to kick in. Resilience, Meat Wall and Mark of Divinity kicked in, allowing time for me to move back within the buff and healing range of my teammates, and within a second my HP was full and tanking was no longer an issue.

Tog brings a wendigo totem to bolster his own healing, bringing his healing ability to around 9k per second when soloing (with full regen buffs active).

Benefits to the team:

  • Stone Form (400 damage absorption)
  • Cleansing Waters
  • +103% HP Boost (85% resting, +18% with Touch of Purity active)
  • 24% Reduction to Enemy Damage

C h e r a l y n : : Dedicated Healer - 58%+2385 heal per second, 2 Wendigo Totems, 2x Heal Birds

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQM9wjN

Cheralyn is designed to bring % healing to the team. With 2 buffed totems (Dark One’s + Crimson Spike), and two Heal Birds, she provides a total of 58%+2385 passive healing per second, not including her active heals (Blood of Dreeg, Bysmiel’s Authority, Menhir’s Bastion). She brings Healing Rain for an extra heal and regen bonus. If Tog’s resilience has triggered (giving him a total 66% healing increase), and all of his HP procs have triggered (giving him 80k hp), Cheralyn’s passive healing will be able to heal him for 80,983 every second.

She is otherwise built for TANKY PETS. Two of her pets provide half the healing, and one of her pets provides that nice 15% physical resistance buff (and OA bonus) from Emboldening Presence. Keeping them alive as much as possible is a priority, as they in turn help to keep the team alive. The tank pet does have a small taunt, but does not steal aggro from Tog very often. Having the pet around is vastly helpful however, as if Tog loses aggro from an enemy for a second, their next favourite target is the briarthorn, and not one of the other teammates.

Cheralyn’s main playstyle is to stand close enough to the tank to apply wendigo totems for Tog and the Briarthorn and to cover them with active heals and buffs (especially Menhir’s Bastion if it looks like the team is about to take big damage), and otherwise to keep herself and her birds far enough away from the fight to not be in threat.

With Tog and the team’s HP boosts, her HP gets up to 31k.

Benefits to the Team:

  • Heals, obviously (58%+2385 passive healing)
  • 302 OA (Emboldening Presence, Blood of Dreeg)
  • 378 + 90% HP regen (Blood of Dreeg, Mogdrogen’s Pact, Healing Rain)
  • 28% Phys resistance (Aspect of the Guardian, Emboldening Presence)
  • 20% Damage Absorption from Menhir’s Bastion
  • Additional ‘tank’ pet to help catch aggro if it slips from Tog
  • +33% Elemental Resistance from Storm Spirit
  • 12% Reduction to Enemy Damage (Bloody Pox or Wendigo Totem)

M y k a i l a : : Vitality Caster - Devastation, Reap Spirit, Oblivion

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9OwMjN

Mykaila brings the damage, and all of her attacks have a long range allowing her to stay well and truly out of trouble. She has high damage, double-projectile, high duration vitality red Devastation on a low cooldown which pummels groups of enemies hard. The low cooldown allows her to refocus her firepower often, and there aren’t too many seconds in fights where there aren’t red rocks falling from the sky. 8 seconds up time and ~11s cooldown makes for a fairly constant stream of damage. While that’s going, she casts Reap Spirits which help to form a distracting wall of pets (maximum of 5 spirits) for the enemies and deals significant damage.

Her main attack is Oblivion, and this attack was chosen for the team as it adds 25% fumble and impaired aim to enemies, reducing the incoming damage to the tank and team.

With Oblivion piercing through enemies in a wave with 34% life steal, Ill Omen spreading Wendigo’s Mark across the battlefield, Mykaila is constantly healing through lifesteal.

She has two panic buttons to assist her if she takes aggro or is walking past a high SR AOE crystal - Mirror of Ereoctes and Mark of Torment. Otherwise, her reduction to enemy damage and her Maiven’s Sphere of protection help her to stay stable in many fights.

When fighting Kubacabra, she equips a Brawler’s Distinction to reduce the nemesis’ healing.

With team buffs, she has 30k HP.

Benefits to the team:

  • 25% Fumble and Impaired Aim to enemies (Oblivion)
  • 28% Reduction to Enemy Damage (Ill Omen)
  • 38% Crit Damage (Elemental Balance, Hungering Void)
  • 10% Total Speed (Hungering Void)
  • -8% Life Leech Resistance (Will of Rattosh)
  • Nullification
  • Wall of distracting pets (Reap Spirit)

A z r a e t h : : The Arcane Archer - Piercing Rune Caster and Archer

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0mw0EZ

High piercing damage Rune of Kalastor and Runes of Hagarrad deliver a nice amount of spike and AOE damage to the fights. Attaching Blades of Wrath to Rune of Kalastor is nice as it can trigger twice from the same rune - If Ignition crits, it will trigger Blades of Wrath once, then by the time the rune has exploded, Blades of Wrath is off cooldown and can trigger again. In this case, the blades appear at the location of the rune, so if you place the rune inside a large enemy, you can hit it twice with all 32 of the 2x Blades of Wrath projectiles for massive spike damage.

Azraeth is the squishiest and most precarious part of the team. She needs to be a mid-range fighter, so that she can cover the tank with inquisitor seals and cast runes at the enemy, and to keep the tank within range of her Aura of Conviction for the physical resistance boost. She is highly beneficial to the team’s survival for these reasons.

In between spamming runes, she can use Runic Bolts and a variety of “triggered off default” attacks to barrage the enemy with damage.

Between her runes and abilities, Azraeth inflicts constant CC on the enemy - Knockdown and Stun from Rune of Kalastor, Freeze from Rune of Hagarrad, and Confuse from Horn of Gandarr.

When fighting Kubacabra, she equips a Brawler’s Distinction to reduce the nemesis’ healing.

Azraeth’s HP in the team is around 26k.

Benefits of the Team:

  • CC to enemies to reduce incoming damage from trash mobs
  • CC Resistance (Vigor and Inspiration)
  • +1420 flat HP Bonus (Vigor)
  • 12% Less damage from Chthonics and Eldritch
  • 273 DA (Word of Renewal, Inspiration)
  • 256 OA (Aura of Conviction, Inspiration)
  • 15% Phys Resistance (Aura of Conviction)
  • 331 Reduced DA to enemies (Rune of Hagarrad)
  • 392 Damage Absorption (Inquisitor Seal)
  • 22% Crit Damage (Arcane Empowerment)
  • 20% Movement Speed (Word of Renewal)
  • 20% + 1170 heal for the team/tank (Word of Renewal)

A thanks goes to the many forum dwellers who engage in my posts, chat with me and offer suggestions, encouragement, support, critique and ideas - In particular, @Duskdeep86 , @Ulvar1 , @Maya , @XandeRoot - Some of the concepts discussed with them from other build concepts have ended up in this team. :smiley:

Special thanks to @WeaponZero @desioner and valiantcuda for piloting and testing the builds with me!

I hope you enjoy the builds!!




What an awesome team build, so neat to see theorycraft expand into 4 dimensions. I love the posing and the glory music (as well as the individual write-ups).

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Huh, GD from coop perspective almost looks like a different game. Pretty cool gameplay, was quite refreshing for me personally.

And dude, that art is on point, man


Thanks XandeRoot!

Building for coop play is a lot of fun, bringing different challenges and different considerations. I’ve been thinking of creating a couple of 2-man and 3-man teams as well for those who rarely get to play with a full 4 man team. :slight_smile:

…And yeah, the artist is fantastic. We’re lucky to have his amazing work - on and off the battlefield! :smiley:


Builds updated for SR 150+, new video of 150 boss room!


I will also add that without the depth of knowledge that @Maya has shared with the community as a whole I and the pet build that I use wouldn’t have been able to make that feat happen so easily!
All hail the carnival barker!


All hail! * Salute *

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What skill are you using to take the bosses from 50% to 0 health in 1 shot?

Ah, that’s an HP lag which occurs sometimes when you’re not the host. In this case, the tank is not the host. On the Host’s screen, HP is dropping as per usual. On some of the team’s screens, the HP shows considerably higher than it actually is. Unfortunately, this was occuring for our tank while they were recording video, so it looks like we oneshot 'em down millions of damage, when really, they were just at a much lower health the entire time.

Oh yeah gotcha, I’ve seen some weird lag in multiplayer before too.

Nice builds and team concept!

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Thank you! :smiley:

Good stuff, keep the vids coming. Hoping to see 160+ soon!


Thanks Skelemental :smiley:
See you in-game soon!

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