[] Flame Reversible - Physical Flames of Ignaffar Apostate [sr+][mi][vid]

A small disclaimer before you read this topic :smiling_imp:.

This is what happens when you dig into memes too deep. Beware, poor souls! Once chosen, this road will never turn back. You were warned…

Anyway, hello again, builders and accidental passersby :wave::slightly_smiling_face:. This build was inspired by… Benn’Jahr’s Shoulderguards. Just look at them! Formidable of Readiness. 10% Physical Resistance for one item, and it is not Fateweaver’s Raiment or green shield. I wanted to make something with them. But what? :thinking: Hellfire Mine - eh, no. Doom Bolt - maybe, but not now. Also, I did not have any free Occultist by then. Flames of Ignaffar… Heh, funny :roll_eyes:. But wait a minute! I have an Apostate, buried deep among other more successful characters and proclaimed as a failure with great class name. Why not at least try, even for a meme? Also, Necromancer has some Physical RR, so… Yeah, let us build another meme and see what it can do!

1. Grimtools link
This is a very Energy-hungry build, so Scales is a must-have, as well as Lantern. Sometimes it is not enough, as you will see. As usual, Azrakaa is great for Physical/Pierce casters, so the path is obvious. Not the best damage-wise, I must admit :neutral_face:.

2. In-game character stats
general stats, only passive and Word of Renewal buffs are active

Flames of Ignaffar breakdown

“magic” stats

defense stats

3. Gear/Build explanation
As any FoI build, it requires sturdiness and capped CC resistances, as well as full damage conversions, especially Fire (in my opinion). So, the gear choice is not so versatile as I would like it to be. Also, this particular build is very tight on Attribute points, only 2 were free which I dumped into Cunning. So, the gear:

  1. Core items.
    Weapon + Offhand. Beronath sword (craftable) + Tome of Names. I tried Decree of the Circle of Five + Inashkor Head combination, but it was worse in both damage and OA/DA stats. So first pair of items is unbreakable. Provides full Elemental-to-Physical and Chaos-to-Physical conversion, Physical RR, Spirit, OA, Crit and nice %Physical Damage Boost. Some rumblings about Tome of Names: What was the logic behind adding +3 to Death Sentence to it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Just for fun? Why not Arcane Empowerment then? Or Ranged Expertise? Just a wasted bonus!
    Ring 1. Ring of the Black Matriarch. Physical RR etc. This ring is mandatory in all Physical builds, enough said :face_with_monocle:.
    Ring 2. Combustion Band. Points to FoI line, proc also reduces Physical RR - without any question, this is your choice. No %Physical Damage though.
    Amulet. Conduit of Runic Whispers. +1 to Inquisitor, another RR through Physical Storm Box of Elgoloth. Resistance bonus is according to your MIs.
    Gloves. Voidsteel Gauntlets. I needed FoI points to hardcap the skill. Also, they provide converted to Physical flat Chaos damage and %Cast Speed. Again, no %Physical Damage sadly :slightly_frowning_face:.
    Pants. Arcane Harmony Leggings. Skill Disruption protection for FoI as a channeled skill, huge Spirit bonus in Attribute-starved build is also crucial, craftable.
    Relic. Serenity. We do not have Physical Inquisitor relics, and we need resistances plus some circuit-breaker in dire situations (Ghoul + Mark of Torment even with Inquisitor Seal are not always enough, believe me).
    Belt. Gladiator’s Distinction. Great Physical belt with up to 100% Vitality-to-Physical conversion for Scales. Bonus is wasted unfortunately.
    Medal. Bloodsworn Sigil. Lifeleech for FoI, more Endless Flame points to reduce manacost. Look for OA/DA suffixes mostly, resistances (except for Acid) can be shuffled.
  2. Mandatory items.
    Shoulders. Benn’Jahr Shoulderguards. +3 to FoI, %Cast Speed, %Physical Resistance, versatile, are the reason to try this build :rofl:. You can try Loghorrean’s Corruption, but they do not have %Cast Speed, so keep that in mind. Formidable prefix is the best, Rampage is also good. Suffix with OA/DA is preferrable (especially OA one).
    Chest. Dread Armor of Azragor. Good Physical Chest with racial damage, lifesteal toggled ability, craftable.
    Boots. Magelord’s Greaves. Bonuses to Spectral Binding, Word of Renewal, OA, astonishing Slow Resistance (I have 60% :astonished:), some flat Energy regen, craftable.
  3. Can be changed.
    Helmet. Callagadra’s Visage. +1 to All Skills, %Physical Damage, flat Energy regen. We need only +1 to Inquisitor though, so Ravager’s Dreadgaze or even Visor of Octavius are alternatives.

Craft one item with Reduced Freeze Duration, others - Stun Resistance (bonuses provided by Malmouth blacksmith in Steelcap District). My build, for example, has Arcane Harmony pants with Reduced Freeze Duration; Beronath sword, Conduit amulet, Azragor chest and Magelord boots with Reduced Stun Duration.

About Resistance Reduction. Total amount is ~132% (-10% from Matriarch ring, -8% from Combustion ring, -20% from offhand, -15% from modified Storm Box, -27% from Spectral Wrath modifier (when hit), -32% from Assassin constellation and flat 20 from Scales constellation (when hit)). Nice :grinning:. If only we had more %Physical Damage to utilize it fully…

4. Gameplay
Cast Storm Box of Elgoloth on the thickest enemy, Inquisitor Seal under yourself (or enemy) for tankiness and “incinerate” everything with FoI. Be careful with Ill Omen, fleeing monsters can be multiplied in geometric progression (SR is dangerous because of that annoying mechanic). Uptime Word, Wendigo’s Rush for battlefield relocations, Mark of Torment for dangerous situations - usual stuff. Have a bunch of Energy potions as well and do not shy from getting some rest :grin:.

5. Videos

Lokarr (somehow any Energy Leech did not work on him, why? :thinking: Is it a bug or something?)

Mad Queen

Avatar of Mogdrogen (Stormshroud Ointment + some occasional Health pots on Phase 2)


Ravager of Flesh (impossible to beat on Phase 2 without running away like a scared chicken :angry:). Potions are shown in the video below.

One of SR 75, full

I had some fun with this build for sure :slightly_smiling_face:. Not very strong but it is a meme, so do not expect much. Feel free to share your ideas/critique/overall feedback about build idea.

Thank you for attention! :wink:


Reserved because I can :smile:.

Looks pretty good for what it is, about what I’d expect :+1:.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9Elj6V is what I came up with a few weeks ago which works off of stacking as much converted Physical damage as possible and putting it out through Ignaffar. In total, it achieves 100% Elemental, Pierce, Aether, Vitality->Physical. There isn’t enough Physique to equip the chest (even with the Spirit bonus on Dryad freeing up points, hence why I took it) so some Smith crafts have to go to +% Physique or hope for a high roll on the relic or both. On paper, i also don’t know if the high weapon damage and 26% ADCtH is enough without Bloodsworn Sigil’s baked in 4%.

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It can work due to much bigger Physical Damage, flat and percentage. Dryad proc also helps, yes. From survivability point it is more or less on the same level (or even bigger). Bone Harvest casting is a bit awkward, but this is the matter of personal taste. Low %Casting Speed can be a serious problem though (especially with -20% CS mutator, the difference is drastic). And Tome of Names proc is too good to ignore, in my opinion.

These are my thoughts, without testing. The results may be different on practice.

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