[] Goredrinker Paladin Bleed/Pierce (help please)

I’ve asked help making this build about a week ago (thanks again to those who helped) and I think it’s as ready to share as it will ever be, given my limited experience making builds (for GD) and my lukewarm player skills. It’s by no means as polished as the other builds out there, but I wanted to share anyway :slight_smile:

(Also, there are no Goredrinker builds that I can see on the build compendium if i’m not mistaken… so this is hopefully a first)


(Stats are with all toggle skills, WoR and Deadly Aim active)

I have NO IDEA what this build can actually do in the hands of a skilled pilot. (I cleared SR 35 with it yesterday, but died horribly to Morgoneth 15 minutes later… so the bottleneck here is probably me, YMMV)

Any feedback from veterans builders would be highly appreciated
Please pick this apart as harshly as you can:


I’m switching back and forth between this medal and Farseer to add bleed damage to HoG. Haven’t settled yet.

(And if anyone with actual skills at this game wants to take it for a spin, see how far it can go, I would be most grateful)

If all goes well, I’ll turn this into a “real” build thread afterwards.

Thanks for your help!

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And someone else made one recently.


Oh well, I guess there are others who are willing to give a hand, right ?

Awww… :frowning:

Sure they will, I’m just joking, except he is really banned. And you went range/hybrid territory I’ve no experience on so you gonna have to wait for others.

Just for information, it’s not who step foot on Moon first competition. Just do it with your way but check others’ and learn from them.

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Actually not ranged.
WoP, Vire’s might, HoG, and that rune’s action is pretty much all I use.
Gutripper is there for the Vire’s might bonus, the proc and the massive pierce and bleed buff.

The PSP (up to 9 at times) do a lot of the killing too

The problem is, you need to do some hitting with your WD in between, otherwise you won’t get to survive nor leech. Just kiting and trying not to get hit by doesn’t always work and the only lifesteal source is VM, since other skills has no WD on them. WoR and Ascension won’t be enough for end-game. That’s why you did finish the SR but couldn’t kill Morgo. You also have no flat RR, you should consider taking Scales which will help your survival. Getting Bat and binding to WoP might also work.

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I will try that for sure, thanks
I don’t know what I should drop to get it though… Probably Hydra ?

How does the “attack damage converted to health” on Living shadow work then ?

That is one of specified instances. The Shadows has innate Adcth, they don’t use your global Adcth. Global Adcth like on Hydra or third piece bonus of the Goredrinker set only applies to your weapon thus only works with skills that use your weapon. Living Shadows are not enough to keep you alive plus some of your overcaps are kinda bad. You can use serenity relic for instance to get chaos and aether resist. Also invest more points into Horn of Gandarr it’s your only damage reduction source.

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What do you mean ?

Will do ! Thanks!

Enemies in ultimate level has tons of debuff to reduce your resistances as well as your DA/OA etc. So you need to overcap them to keep the %80 cap while debuffed. Like if you have %110 Aether resistance, game normally use only %80 of it unless you have +max resistance stat but when you for example get -%30 resistance reduction debuff; you’ll still have %80 which protect you from that type of damage. Also I just saw that, invest steel resolve, that is also provide you Aether and Chaos resistance along with racial damage. You can also use serenity relic for extra, which will help your survival and maybe you can use the extra skill points.

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If you’d like a comparison, I’ve successfully made a Pierce Vire’s Might Dervish which uses most of the same pieces as your build: lots of PSP damage, Vire’s Might doing a lot of legwork, and nothing complicated like attacking in the middle of Vire’s Might.

However, where my build succeeds and yours doesn’t is that my Vire’s Might build uses 40+% CDR and multiple small heals like Dryad’s Blessing to ensure that it could handle multiple hits + keeps Ascension and Ulzaad’s Decree to a reasonable uptime that you can rely on it when you need it the most.

This build has 0% CDR and most of your flat damage is Bleeding, meaning that even if you rush through a crowd of enemies, there’s not a lot of flat damage you can leech off of. This is not a knock on you in any way; this is a core weakness of the GoreDrinker’s set that I pointed out in the “bitch” thread when the set was published for the first time and the testers didn’t sufficiently address.

There is also MysteryMeat’s Physical Vire’s Might Warlord - which also doesn’t have a lot of attacking for sustain, but uses CDR, small heals, and damage mitigation to protect itself in tough battles.

With low CDR and little in terms of good Weapon Damage abilities to make good use of the ADCTH, there’s little I could suggest that would tangibly help your build. The concept of “Use Word of Pain to whittle the groups down while charging the rest to keep your Health up” is a neat strategy, but it fails compared to, say, banana_peel’s WoP to Blade Arc because Blade Arc is providing tons of leech every second, while Vire’s Might is a more active skill which only leeches the one time you rush through an enemy.


I see.
That gives me a lot to think about, thank you very much. I understand a bit more where the flaws are. (Damn that game has depth…)

How do caster builds stay alive with no ADCTH ?

Devotions heals attached to attacks, %Damage Absorption, invulnerability buttons (like Mirror of Ereoctes or Mark of Torment), just a lot of heal skills, %Cooldown Reduction, at least usually.
Depending on the caster you can also stack tons of HP/Armor, though this depends heavily on class and items


Could a build like this rely on such methods instead then ?

Since you’re using Vire’s Might as main attack, more Cooldown Reduction would go a long way towards making it stronger. Maybe more points to Ascension too, since it has flat dmg absorb.
Or you could just replace the Seal of Blades on the weapon with Seal of Destruction/ Blades/ Sky/ Night and use the granted skill as main attack in-between Vire’s Might casts.
Sky has the highest Weapon Damage, so it would life steal better than the others, but maybe Stormfire procs better. Dunno. Sky is probably one of the best choices, since that component tends to be godlike for all casters

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You already got a ton of Life Steal. A spammable skill with weapon damage that could use it would already make your experience better, at least I think

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I will definitely try it out! Thanks a lot!

Would just… shooting work ?
Maybe with a few points into Inquisitor WPS ?

Your attack speed is very low, maybe if you also get kraken but it means you give up something else.

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