[] GreenGunner - Acid range ABB Blademaster - SSF starter pack

Disclaimer : build contains a lot of target MI items + 2 craft items, therefore it’s almost impossible to 100% copy it. Look at it as a set of tips and hints + demostration of possibilities. Also build doesn’t show outstanding damage, but author finds it interesting to be published.


Foreword Why Blademaster and not Dervish or Witchhunter? It was created as an compromise solving 2 issues : lvl 100 Blademaster (as I think one of the best farmers: easy 65 budget farmer (SR set, pair of Dermaptian slicers/reaver's claws + some MI/epic stuff and becoming ultimately strong with BiS doublerare greens + Belgo or just MI mix) and farmer for themself and future respec. Dervish is strong too, but it's my own preference.

Is it worth to inject steroids (BiS MI’s) to this concept to get superfast content-destroyer?
IMO - no. I tried similar Dervish not so far with double-rares and it was 5.15. Bm is going to be even slower + 1.5m radius conduit was reworked.

Comfortable 65SR/rogue-like dungeons/Nemesis farmer, optional - get Celestial’s gear. Btw it’s mostly meme :crazy_face: Just one more build to show that GD is very newbee-friendly game and its easy to farm endgame content after a few dozen hours (hardcore guys like Ricardio and RektbyProtoss have already done it in community league destroying all content and reaching 95-100 HC SR in short terms)

This build is totally (or almost totally) GREEN. So you have to farm some MIs combining that with common farm (blueprints, future items, reputation).
In 32 ingame hours I’ve done that(playing w/o shared stash/no blueprints etc):

  1. lvl 100 BM + all points for quests
  2. got all MIs for the build+alsmost all components blueprints
  3. spent 5kk iron crafting gloves and boots (for physical resistance)
  4. maxed all faction reputations
  5. reached Kaisan reputation and collected ~10 amulets
  6. got blueprint and crafted high-lvl Deathstalker amulet (might be used in top Phys/Acid/Bleed builds)
  7. unlocked 65SR (throught Normal) and completed it

In next few hours I bought better Rifle and got Venomblade helm(transmuted another set piece) what imroved my damage.


1st time completed 65SR: GRIMTOOLS
Current build average 65-66SR run takes ~10 min, obtained full Lokarr set. Killed Ravager and Calla on Elite (smart helms farming, not achievements) and

Possible improvements:

BiS double-rare riffle
Better Viloth’s rings
Zantarin’s shoulderguards with double poison affixes (for phys res)
Better belt&amulet

Performance videos
65SR First time completed 65, checked build possibilities so spent a lot of time. Showed all char stats at the end of the video.

After some improvements, also showed char at the end

One more faster video

170 crucible

Used sligtly mor tributes than allowed :smiling_imp: Don’t recomment cruci for such builds, 65SR is much safer and profitable. On my PC acid builds drop fps so badly and after 1-2 runs I just die from lags.

Lokarr Kite and avoid hi sprojectiles. If got "Poisoned" metator it's easier to restart.
Ravager (elite) run run run
Callagadra (elite) Died 1 time. run run run x2
Gameplay: mouse and keyboard There is 2 ways of holding ABB: Lmb/Rmb and Keyboard (0-9 default). In case of Mouse char uses "default attack" between ABB casts, but because of attack speed restriction Abb is used later than possible. In case of holding keyboard button character shots only ABB with perfect timings. Damage is the same in both cases Just perfect Abb usage consumes more mana. Conclusion - use "hit&run" moving while Abb in cd and shoot asap during farming and hold lmb/rmb when 1*1 (if possible).

About build - it has a lot of duration dmg=> no lifesteal with it, so from time to time you’d better kite.
But in 65 char is able to facetank almost all nemesis (except Kaisan, need to kite a little), with another bosses everething is ok, except Slathsarr - literally hell, leave him for last AND RUN RUN RUN.

Also don’t forget about Veil of Shadows radius, it’s very short. On this screen Veil doesn’t affect dummy.

Some levelling tips This paragraph is written for newbee players and "fresh file" (no shared stash and blueprints)

Devotion route I used this way, but it requires some crystals for rebuilding. I did it for faster T3 devos. You can avoid rat&scholar's light, and go for: purple-toad- minus purple-hydra

Akeron’s scorpion
Scholar’s light
Abomination (left hand)
Wait till you’ll recieve the last 55s point
-Scholar’s light
+4 points Hydra
-2points Yugol/Abom
Full Hydra
Return 2 points to Abom/Yugol
2 point to Ulzuin’s torch

Skills Prepare to use 4 ectoplasm and Arcane spark as soon you get recipe (Black legion) At the first levels don't invest everything into ABB, pump +++ too, at least 1 per lvl. And slightly push Abb, pneuma, veil and LA. After maxing this push ++ to Merciless repertoire, max it, ++ to Blade spirit, pick at 1 start to push Soldier's ++, slighltly investing in Military condion to ultimate. Don't forget about phantasmal Armor. Later do what you want.
Items I used Mark of dreeg component during whole game. It has nice skill, staying closer to bosses enables shotgun :gun: And free RR MIs&low-lvl gear: During Normal I just found 1 item to fill the slot. At Elite and Ultimate spent some time to get appropriate items. After 94 spend enough time to get OKish gear.

Viloth’s ring
Available almost from the beginning. Collect 2 asap.

Solael-sect legguards
Available after Broken hills, complete 1st part of Hidden path previously.

Relic: Slaugher
Craft it after getting blueprint and 35 lvl. +1 nightblade, will be used till Deathstalker.

Ilgorr’s Eternal Curse
Welcome to the Steps!

Ugdenbog bilelauncher
Ugdenbog. Could be bought abusing Grove vendor.

Gargoyle Gaze
Hypothetically might be found at Sanctum of the Witch Gods as Eldritch totem Gargoyle drop, but chances are low. End of FG, last location + totems.

Gargoyle Waistguard
Same as helm, just +1 NB and stats

Ellena’s necklace
Kasparov’s quest, take one just after getting reputation. +1 NB and stats

Kaisan amulet’s
Farm reputation, farm Kaisan…

Faction gear
Wendigo Vile Chestguard - 65 lvl
Wendigo Vile Spoulders - 65 lvl
And this items at 90 lvl with “Elite”
Also check faction boots in grimtools.