[] Master Astruk - Tanky Elemental Mage with Team Support - Facetank Crucible 150 (no buffs/banners)

Master Astruk | Tanky Elemental Mage with Team Support

A high ranking and respected Inquisitor, Master Astruk is a mage that emanates power. She has mastered magic of many domains - healing, protective, and destructive. Her magical defenses are incredibly potent, some of which extend to her allies. Her mere presence on the battlefield empowers allies and disrupts enemies. For a caster she is incredibly tough (I was able to clear 150 Crucible with no buffs/banners, including facetanking 2x Moosilaukes and Valdaran simultaneously, while they were being healed. You can see it toward the end of the video!). Check out the video below - It’s a little slow, because it is without Crucible buffs/banners, but you can see that the fight is easy.

Magical Attacks
Her offensive abilities are good enough to clear things at a reasonable pace - She has fully elemental attacks including Obliteration and boosted Devastation. She has a base 104% crit damage, and Obliterate and Devastation each have +60% and +25% crit damage added to them respectively. This coupled with her 3680 OA allows her to deal significant damage to enemies. In total, she has about 95% elemental RR.

The Perfect Defense
The Perfect Defense is a combination of damage absorption, reduction to enemy damage, high hitpoints, decent DA, OA debuffs, resistance overcaps, high healing and circuit breakers. Master Astruk has perfected her defenses:

Her max’d Inquisitor Seal plus Phoenix Fire gives her 598 damage absorption with about 70% uptime (100% uptime of 430 without Phoenix Fire).

This coupled with 24% damage absorption (Maiven’s Sphere) and 17% Reduced Target’s Damage (Aura of Censure) helps to seriously mitigate incoming damage.

All of this stacked damage absorption allows her 3000 regen to keep her health up. To boost her healing, she has four heals, all of which also heal nearby allies: Apothecary’s Touch, Word of Renewal, Healing Rain, Empyrion’s Touch.

Her Other Team Buffs Include:
540 + 125% Health Regen (all heals + Inquisitor Seal)
19 + 120% Energy Regeneration plus 56 Energy Leech per second
373 DA (Word of Renewal, Inspiration)
260 OA (Overload, Inspiration)
42% Crit Damage (Elemental Balance, Arcane Empowerment)
430 Damage Absorption (Inquisitor Seal)
Resistances (Fateweaver’s Raiment, Steel Resolve, Inquisitor Seal, Overload):
55% Elemental
68% Aether
5% Physical
41% Chaos
15% Vitality, Poison, Pierce, Bleed
30% Freeze, Petrify Resistance
75% Entrapment Resistance
45% Slow Resistance


I will leave some rules of compendium here

Ah thank you, I didn’t realise it meant ‘completed within time limit’, and I didn’t realise proof was required. I’ll take out the tags for now and if I get a chance to video the proof, I’ll re-add them.

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can you do any celestials with this build? it looks cool

I doubt very much)) but with this you can

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