>< Meme Hunter Strikes Again! Acid Spinner+SS Witch Hunter with Deathguard set SR 75-76

Hi everyone, I wanted to test Yugol Spinner and decided to do Acid focus. I choosed WH since Dervish and Sentinel has EoR. I used Deathguard set to convert cold>acid since I need it’s daggers to convert vitality>acid aswell. Since Deathguard has SS support, I decided to utilize it as secondary nuke. Also used ABB to get Lethal Assault buff but it was very awful to cast 1,5 sec SS and 1,6 sec ABB while spinning so utilized those points into PB and Merciless Repertoire.

Sheet dps is Voracious Reach’s.
Rings crafted with slow resist, Helmet crafted with freeze resist.


I’m not gonna explain every aspect throughly. So let’s do some ‘‘FAQ’’

What stats are important for MIs?

  • Getting health and bleeding resist on MIs are crucial. Same as belt, it’s mainly for CC resists but any bleeding resist/health is good.

Relic Bonus?

  • I tried to craft relic with Aetherial Racial Damage for Aleksanderr but couldn’t get it, so used the best roll.

Why Arcane Spark with Possession?

  • Arcane Spark on medal is for Energy Leech, without it you need frequent use of Mana potion, so it helped the reduce that need.

SR 76 Boss Room with neutral mutators. Died once in the chunks but managed to finish within timer.

Build is squishier than it looks on paper so I don’t recommend SR80+, 75-76 is not perfectly safe either. It’s a fun build overall.
Focusing only SS and getting LA might perform better with Deathguard set,but I didn’t test that spec because I wanted to spin :upside_down_face:

Also another possible spec without Deathguard https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aRr5EV might perform better. Didn’t perform better.

Thanks for reading, any comment&feedback is welcome.


"I’ve peered beyond the far reaches of the tapestry of the gods. I knew not what to expect, but I expected ‘something’; what awaited my sight was the absence of anything at all. In this void I found answers to questions I did not know I asked. Words filled my mind that carried no meaning and yet I was familiar with them, like the comfort of a warm hearth on a winter’s night.

“How could I deny such beauty, such perfection. The tapestry of the gods is a disease, a stain upon the uniformity of the abyss. To defy it is sheer folly. The lies of the gods have been lifted from my eyes, but others stand blind around me. They too shall be made to see spin.”

Great build, maximum style points for spinning with scythes :+1:

Very nice to see an unorthodox use for Deathguard as well. I’ve been wanting to build around the set for a while but don’t really want to play acid reaper (actually, I’ve been toying with meme idea of 3pc Deathguard+acid devastation conduit but haven’t found a setup to my liking), so this seems like a fun alternative.

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Yes, I mentioned them as alternative setup. But you’re right, whether Deathguard is best or not is arguable so I’m gonna edit that sentence into more moderate statement.


Well see, Shoulda actually read the post and kept my mouth shut. As usual :frowning:


@Crittrain Tested the alternative setup without deathguard set. No SS. Can’t really say it’s better than Deathguard set even though that one has no LA. Result; value of the SS can’t be denied. Voracious Reach is not enough to carry the build by itself.

Grimtools link : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25OE6yZ

SR 76 Boss Room

Died once in chunks, once in boss room.

Hi, where would you get the points for LA in that case? Reallocate solael witchfire and second rite or something else?

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOyxyoV like this, it’s a different setup that requires some gear change.

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