[] MEME: Nearly damage immune - 97% Phys res, 100%+ all other resistances

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLez3dZ

This is not a good build, and I’m sure the idea is not the first of it’s kind. But here we are. A build with nearly 100% to all resistances with all buffs up. Phys resistance is the only one not capped at 100% (it fails by three :frowning: )

In practice, it’d be uncommon that all buffs are active at once as well, so in practice it’s unlikely that all of the resistances would be at their peak potential due to naturally staggered procs.

The build’s lack of HP still opens the build up for being one-shot, which would kill it before all of it’s glorious defenses could proc making them quite redundant as well. What a meme. :smiley:

The build also clearly lacks damage in a big way so it’s sort of a turtle. An unreliable turtle who relies solely on procs to keep it alive. You’re welcome. :wink:



So how much damage can it do, can it finish the campaign on ultimate?

I have not tested it in game. I think it would probably be able to slowly hack it’s way through the campaign on ultimate, but it would struggle a lot versing enemies with high regen, lifesteal or other forms of healing… I think most fights would be fine, just slow.

reminds me a bit of this meme idea I had for a pally… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZebODEN
low cooldown maxed horn for 30% dr + inq seal and high max resists
the damage probably isnt breaking records, but it looks like a decent amount on paper at least… on test version it would make sense to focus more on lightning tho

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