>< Oppressing Darkness. S&B Vitality Oppressor(not retaliation) 75-76/Ravager of Flesh

A Blood Knight without Blood Knight

Hi everyone. Most people know my DW Vitality Oppressor. I reserved that thread for 2H version but it was awful to play both offensively and defensively, then I experimented with DW Vitality EoR which was okayish. After that I thought why not S&B version? As most veteran player would mention, S&B none-retalation builds suffer a lot in this game except a few archetypes. This one is better than most I guess, so I wanted to share with you.

Images from the game with perma buffs, RF charges, Soul Harvest buff and Dying God proc

Helmet crafted with Freeze resist.

:shield::shield: GRIMTOOLS LINK :wine_glass::wine_glass:

Gear Choices
  • Crown of the Revenant King and Damnation is core of the build and needed to convert all RF into vitality.

  • Maw of the Damned shield is also core of the build, granted skill is used for secondary nuke.

  • Meditation relic is BiS.

  • Bolvar’s Pendant is BiS. Geting pierce, aether or vitality resist is important.

  • Cursebearer ring is BiS for RR and good stats.

  • Bysmiel’s Vile Seal is used for perfectly fitting skill points. I skipped Signet of the Fallen due to low OA.

  • Dread Armor of Azragor fits great to the build. Other altenative might be Heart of the Yugol.

  • Dread Knight’s Legplates is BiS for good stats and skill points.

  • Korvan Pauldrons is used to get resistances and stats. If you somehow get all these from amulet, belt or medal; a legendary alternative would be Dread Knight’s Guard.

  • Lunal’Valgoth’s Waistguard is used for stats, elemental resist is crucial. a legendary alternative might be Crimson Lotus but you need elemental resist from some other source.

  • Mark of Plagius is BiS. Getting Aether, Vitality or Elemental resist is important; choose considering other MI’s affixes.

  • Boneshatter Threads is a good boots for vitality builds. There are a few other alternatives but you need slow resist.

  • Colossal Grasp fitted the build and provides good defense. You know there isn’t a good vitality melee gloves, an alternative might be Vilescorn Bracers or a crafted Plagueguard Grips.

Skill Distribution and Devotions

I invested WPS to maximize damage output with RF.

Used Ill Omen for damage reduction. No need for RE since there is no important devotion proc and RE line is more skill point hungry.

The rest of the distribution is nothing weird. You may ask why not Judgment or Siphon Souls. I choosed not to use them due to low casting speed and heacy rotation. There is already 2 important skill to use besides spamming RF; if I add one more, I would hit RF less. And most other skill is one pointer, only points you can respec is either from RR sources, Vire’s Might line or Ascension.

Vitality Devotion route has not much room for variety. I wanted to get Shieldmaiden and Solemn Watcher for defense. Without them, it’s not hard to get either Wendigo or Bat but this is a shield build so Shieldmaiden provides good stats.

SR 76 Boss Room

Farming range is rather easy but slow. Kuba is the biggest thread, and takes too long to kill. That’s why I didn’t want to do 85. With bad mutators, build probably can’t kill him.

Ravager of Flesh

Complete facetank. Used OA consumables, Lifestealer Oil and 1x Aether Cluster to be safe.

PS: Can’t test Mogdrogen because I already killed him. But I believe build can kill him with lightning resist consumable and some augment changes.

Lokarr (instead Mogdy)

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


21k health :no_mouth:
nice use of faction ring :ok_hand:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Yeah health is the biggest defense of the build, because damage is quite mediocre; killing vitality resist monsters is PITA but atleast build does not die easily.

Goodie, another S&B build. :+1:

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Cool build man. I’m glad you’re always thinking outside the box. GG

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Non retal S&B build, I like.

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Hey, that’s an awesome build. Why Necrotic Edge is not 1 pointed? I think it would give you 99% WPS in total. Does it have a slow animation?

Thanks, yeah NE had slow animation when I made the build but WPS animation got improved after that, though since Sentinel version is better I never bothered to update this one.

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