[] Pierce Obliteration/Blade Spirit - Blademaster

Gungnir, Spear of Odin
Full conversion for elemental to piercing
3x Blade Spirits
Moderate Obliterate damage [95k with fighting spirit]
-60% pierce resistance; 35 reduced
3.5k OA 2.6k DA buffed
4.1k OA with Fighting Spirit and Inspiration
100% armor absorption; 2.8k armor rating
16k Health
1.8k Cunning
Butcher of Burrwitch for healing
35% dodge

Triggered skills ramp up kill speed significantly:
Shifting Sands Linked to Obliteration 0.4cd 20%
Azrakaa’s Sands for Sand Devils 1s cd on crit 33%
Will of the Blade for Phantasmal Blade 0.5cd on crit 33%
Horns of Korvaak for Korvaak’s Vengeance (The petrify makes clearing packs safer) 0.8cd 15%
Butcher of Burrwitch for Devour (2k heal when triggered) 0.5cd on crit 100%

GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPPvylZ

The builds performance is amazing, I’m looking for suggestions on improvement and input from someone who is more experienced with ray builds (I’m not the best pilot for showcasing gameplay)


I’ve heard rumors that Ele -> Pierce on the belt might be gone in :thinking: not sure if it’s going to happen.
Not commenting on the build because it looks good.

Not rumors, confirmed by Zantai. It’s on the pierce feedback thread.

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Infiltrator could possibly be an improvement (for WoP’s RR, damage and additional devo proccing).
What made you choose BM? It’s fine for me if it’s just your preference.

The main appeal of going soldier over inquisitor is the defensive stats.
Scars of Battle gives me 40% stun / freeze resistance and 27% armor absorption
20% slow resistance
Field command command for 27% armor and 112 DA

I feel fighting spirit + oleron’s rage are comparable to deadly aim + aura of conviction for damage boost.

Going Infiltrator I would go inquisitor seal for the absorb and Word of Pain for the debuff; I’m not sure how I feel about the extra casts affecting my beam uptime, plus Inquisitor seal can be quite punishing for mages to use while kiting.

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