[] Reverence | Dedicated Support for high SR and Superbosses


This is my latest dedicated support build for all those who miss playing a healer in group play. Don’t be put off by the green MI items. The shield with any kind of phys resist bonus to it will be great. The amulet with any kind of hp regen or armor increase will be great.

The build is tanky:
This build is just about immortal; it can withstand the damage of a room full of “Oversized Maggots” without breaking much of a sweat. The build boasts a healthy 78% phys resistance (higher if you get lucky on the shield rolls), and about 25k hp. Close to 3400 DA, 4.1k armor, with sources of % damage absorption and reduction to enemy damage allow this build to shrug off barrages of heavy hits.

It comes with 5 active heals:
Blood of Dreeg
Word of Renewal
Apothecary’s Touch
Touch of Purity
Menhir’s Bastion

It comes with 3 passive heals:
Healing Rain (devotion)
Field Medicine (combat medic’s mark amulet)
It comes with a heal bird. 😃

It provides these bonuses with all buffs present:
630+199% regen
+32% HP
+32% Physical Resistances
+736 Damage Absorption (Stone Form 400, Inquisitor Seal 336)
+20% Damage Absorption
+28% Crit damage
+341 + 8% OA
+189 DA
50% Reduction in bleed and poison duration
+31% reduced freeze, petrify, entrapment duration

It reduces enemy damage by 24% from Light of Empyrion and OA by -180 from Bloody Pox.

The build uses Time Dilation to keep all heals on kinder cooldowns for more rapid healing to the team. 😃

It uses Arcane Sparks for Disruption Resistance to help ensure that the build can heal the team even when being disrupted by enemies. It also has high freeze, petrify, slow and stun resistances to ensure it’s always available to heal and never stunlocked for long.

The other gear choices are there to support getting higher Inquisitor Seal (damage absorption is dope) or higher armor for survivability.

Some items could be swapped out, in particular - The relic could be swapped out for Citadel to give the team an 8% DA boost instead of Menhir’s Bastion’s damage absorption and heal. The jewellery could be swapped out for Bysmiel’s Trinkets set to grant an additional heal pet. The added pet boosts healing greatly, especially on high-HP friends, however in this build, they do not survive for long in environments like SR 110+ (which was the purpose of this specific build), and the damage absorption from Menhir’s Bastion can be a lifesaver in such environments as well. If this build was intended to support lower SR fights, I would absolutely swap out the jewellery for another heal bird, those things are dope. :wink:



Guys, we’ve got a time traveller here!


Ahaha! Ty, fixed :slight_smile: … from the FUTURE :open_mouth:

And converts aether and elemental damage into acid

(or is the conversion on BoD only for you?)

As far as I know, damage conversions only apply to the player regardless of if they’re on teamwide buffs or not. I don’t think it’s possible to convert a friend’s damage type. If it is then in multiplayer everyone would be screwing with each other’s builds… And maybe they are, I’m open to being corrected. But I’m pretty sure they don’t.

Otherwise if I was using Darkblaze Source on a build with BoD and teamed up with an acid dervish, their damage would turn to garbage in teams…

Perhaps it works like “manifestation” on IEE - “only applies to the caster”

Yes, exactly. I haven’t explicitly tested this theory (someone mentioned it to me that this is how it works). It’d be easy enough to try, though. And it’d change everything I understand about team building if it did convert your teammates’ damage…

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