[] Rimetongue Pierce Grenado Saboteur (SR 75, 6:50 Crucible)

Hi everyone. This is a pierce Grenado build revolving around around Gildor’s Pulverizer and Rimetongue set.



SR 75 run : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbdzBzj8Ns8
6:51 Crucible run : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkXq5nvZsAI

Did around 6 succesful Crucible runs, all slightly below 7:00. Yes I used pharma because I’m bad, sue me. A better pilot may be able to cut some seconds but that’s the best I can do.
SR boss room is often very hard. Kaisan is a nightmare on this build.

Core of the build is Rimetongue+Gildor’s Pulverizer. Full elemental to pierce is achieved with belt. Double Malmouth Seal is used to reach 24/16 Blade Spirits.

I used Grava’s pants to get more ranks in Night’s Chill. However, Kuba’s pants with +3 to High Impact are better for Grenado damage. Reaper’s pants with +3 to Blade Spirit would allow the use of Bladetwister’s Signet, but resists would be harder to balance.

This is the best setup I was able to come up with. Azrakaa’s on Blade Trap isn’t ideal, but it was still better than having Twin Fangs on Blade Trap. Blades of Wrath on Grenado is a significant part of the dps.

Very fragile and dependent on random Grenado resets. High risk, low reward :sweat_smile: but fun and challenging to play.


High risk, low reward sounds fun! Could you please send me the save file? Thanks!

_Grenadont.zip (746.4 KB)
I believe that’s how it works.
It was pointed out to me that Chains of Nightfire + Bladetwister signet + Bloodfeast medal alongside Unknown Soldier constellation was most likely better, but I haven’t tried it yet so here’s the original.

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Looks like the power of Blade Trap is strong! But yeah, there’s barely any skill points around to use things that you really want to use (such as Vindictive Flame + Ulzuin’s Wrath), but glad to see that Pierce Rimetongue Saboteur is somewhat doable, even if with great difficulty.

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