[] Shattered Realm Tank - For 4 Player Coop Hardcore SR above 100+

Hello out there,

this is a Tank Build only for Hardcore Shattered Reallm above 100+ in 4 Player Coop (not for solo gaming)


Up to 12k+ Armor over 50k life without Potion - 80+ Physres overcapped by ~20 - all other resistances minimum overcapped by 36+ - 86% Blockchance with Potion - 100% recovery and so on - alot support on grp from masteries and devotion like Bard´s Harp - Inspiration

HC SR till 100 with 2 Randoms

This is Lynh´s supporting Deceiver → https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GdbqJV

so farming the 2 Sethris Rings was a pain in the ass overall i think it was 130 keys and i did it few weeks ago on stream for like 8 hour in a row till they droped

The BIS shield (in my opinion) was also farming (Candel District on Bollag) around 17 hours (like 700+ Aether Crystals by the way) - only for the shield till it droped
On the Vendor i was getting few good shields aswell (and some nice one for Commando)

we are still looking for 2 Hardcore Veterans (with Ritualist or Vindicator or Trickster or Druid) that want to do the challenge aswell for SR above 100

Voice like Discord/TS is mandatory and ofc experience in Hardcore and Building Classes.

also we got alot of theorycrafting for the Group-Play

If we peaked your interest, let us know!

and here is a little Crucible run in 4 Player Coop with 6th Spawn from last evening


Are you only interested in Hardcore? I prefer softcore and have all the builds/experience doing deep SR.

Hey Desioner sry for the late response :wave:

We only play Hardcore - if dead then dead :gazer:

Thanks for the reply. I see.
Then I wish you the best of luck.

I just saw the post . i am intrested . I have a Support Based Vindicator Vindicator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator . I can also level another character in a few days time , but i’ll need around a week to get all the reputations and whatnot .