[] Tactical Demolitions: Tanky DPS : Powerful Rune of Kalastor, Mortars - SR76+, Naked Cr 160

Tactical Demolitions | Tanky DPS: Powerful Runes, Mortars

This build was originally prototyped for deep SR, which meant it had to be very tanky. Testing it in deep SR (150+) with a team showed that the damage wasn’t enough for the team, so it was shelved, but as a solo build playing standard SR 76, campaign or Crucible, this build is really quite powerful.

Of main interest is the buffed Rune of Kalastor, each one of which can drop up to 21 fragments, carpetbombing the area. It’s a lot of fun. :smiley: On top of that, four mortars reign havoc from the skies as well.

To make the build tanky, it has an overcapped Blast Shield on a cooldown of 7.7 seconds giving it potentially more than 50% uptime when required. The 1010 damage absorption from Blast Shield stacks with the 313 from the Inquisitor Seal, for a nice 1323 damage absorption with all buffs up.

Healing from Ulzuin’s Wrath and Vampire Fangs is enough to keep the build very healthy during most fights.

Here is a video of 150-160 Gladiator Crucible with no buffs or towers. I believe 160-170 is also possible with no buffs or towers if you’re not a silly billy who ignored the change in mutators when fighting Mad Queen. :wink:

While I have not included a video because I am lazy, I am confident that this build can comfortably play through SR 76. I would expect it to be able to go slightly higher with the right mutators.

This build’s high tankiness and high damage output meant that fighting in Crucible ‘naked’ felt similar to playing Crucible on other chars WITH buffs. It really is a solid solo build.

Enjoy. :slight_smile: