[] Team Power Pew - The Beam Team Meme! Rainbow AAR team

Artwork by @WeaponZero

I always thought it’d be fun to get multicoloured beam team happening so the KotER friends and I made the team for some team meme beam fun :smiley: I came up with four beam builds to work together for memey team fun, all who can be used for soloing. @desioner came up with another two builds that are better tweaked for team play.


Video by me and @WeaponZero

Choose Your Colour

Each build brings it’s coloured beam for PEWWWWWWWWWWW damage, and unique characteristics to the team. The unique characteristics are listed below. Blue, Orange and Red mages are all capable of soloing at least SR 76 as a minimum, with varying degrees of ease.

Purple Protectors:

Amethyst Akiko | Build by @desioner

Akiko is Protectus Primus of the team, built solely for team defense. She is by far the tankiest of the builds, able to facetank Callagadra (although not tested past Cally’s rage mode - Akiko’s damage output is low, and I didn’t have patience to see the fight through. After about 90 seconds of facetanking I felt satisfied ;D). This build does not function well solo due to it’s very low damage; it is designed specifically for team play.

  • Purple Pew
  • Augur Set + Healing Rain for healing and regen
  • 16/12 Inquisitor Seals
  • 22/12 Field Command, 21/12 Squad Tactics for casting speed boost, OA, DA and Armor boost
  • 22/12 Word of Renewal for DA buff, Vigor for HP buff
  • Aura of Conviction for Phys Res and OA Buff
  • Horn of Gandar for reduction to enemy damage
  • Menhir of Bastion for 20% damage absorption
  • Time dilation to ensure longer buff uptime and more regular heals

Amethyst Amelie | Build by WyreZ

Amelie is Protectus Secundus of the team - She brings augur set, healing rain and maxed inquisitor seals to the team. While she doesn’t bring Akiko’s other protections, she brings more damage, and significantly more elemental resistance reduction to enemies, to boost the damage of the other elemental beam mages. Amelie is built for solo play as well as team play. Amelie can solo Crucible 170 due to her tankiness.

  • Elemental damage Beam
  • Healer - Augur Set + Healing Rain
  • 22/12 Inquisitor Seals
  • Aura of Censure to reduce enemy damage and add extra ele resistance reduction
  • Purple devastation
  • Word of Pain for extra elemental resistance reduction
  • Inquisitor Seal also provides extra elemental resistance reduction
  • Fateweaver’s Raiment for +5% phys res, +15% all other resistances to team
  • Inspiration for energy regen, OA and DA boost
  • Eye of Korvaak for OA/DA reduction to enemies, and that lovely petrify to CC trash
  • Damage boosted significantly by the rest of the team

Blue: Elemental Damage

Aquamarine Akari | Build by @Desioner

Akari is powerful solo or in a team! I believe she’s capable of soloing SR80

  • High Damage Lightning Beam
  • Divinesteel Hauberk for +5% phys resistance and +14% HP
  • Ravager’s Deathgaze + Wind Devils for extra elemental resistance reduction
  • Eye of Korvaak for OA/DA debuff and petrify on trash mobs
  • Storm Totems + Hand of Ultos for AOE lightning damage

Sapphire Sarah | Build by WyreZ

Sarah is a powerful Ice mage. She uses blade spirits equipped with Whirlpools to smother the battlefield in frosty damage. She has a resting 40% dodge melee chance which helps to significantly lower incoming damage, and has multiple freezing attacks to keep enemies at bay.

  • Cold Damage Beam
  • Lots of Freeze CC
  • 40% Dodge Melee
  • 3 max’d out Blade Spirits that heal you constantly with their lifeleeching attacks
  • Mirror and Blade Barrier for invulnerability
  • Stable, good damage
  • Strong OA debuffs

Orange: AOE Elemental Damage

Topaz Toni | Build by WyreZ

Topaz Toni is a powerful Pyran’s fire mage, with flame devastation, fire mortars, and fire Albrecht’s beam. Toni brings the damage, but is a little squishy when soloing. Thankfully her mortars, devastation and burn dot damage can wear enemies down even while kiting.

  • Fire Damage Beam
  • Fire Devastation
  • 4x Wide-Reaching Fire Mortars
  • More fire
  • Everything is on fire my gosh
  • Inspiration for OA/DA buff for the team
  • FlameTouched and Temper for OA/DA buff for the team
  • Additional damage absorption with Nature’s Guardians

Red: Demon Mage

Ruby Ros | Build by WyreZ

Rosalyn is a very powerful Vitality+Chaos dual damage build, with a lot of healing from Sigils of Consumption, plus the usual healing from Albrecht’s that all of the DPS Power Pews have. She brings a lot of utility to the team through buffs and debuffs. Will of Rattosh debuff allows all allies to better heal from their life leaching beam attacks. Hungering Void provides crit boost and total speed. Ritual Circles boosts team speed, energy consumption efficiency and physical resistance buffs.

  • Chaos and Vitality damage beam
  • High damage absorption with Maiven’s Sphere + Possession
  • 22/12 Hard hitting, long lasting Sigil of Consumption (Dustruction also 22/12)
  • Very high damage build
  • Brings Ritual Circles for damage, speed, energy efficiency and physical resistance
  • Blood of Dreeg for physical resistance
  • Hungering Void to boost team speed and crit damage
  • 18% Reduced damage to enemies on beam
  • Curse of Frailty also brings elemental RR for more team damage.

Art by @WeaponZero

I hope you enjoy this meme team as much as we did! :smiley:

Power Pews


Very well designed builds! You can be really creative when you don’t have to pack heals and flat RR in the devotion setup for each build so you are open for more damage possibilities.

Green ray was too boring to add? :slight_smile: And no yellow physical as well :slight_smile:

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Why do i hear Power Ranger theme song :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yeah, hack the game for more players and rays.

You reminded me of this glorious video D3: Jade Power Rangers (Serious Video) - YouTube


Excellent builds as usual @WyreZ!


Yes, embrace the dual damage! It is the pinnacle of GD build crafting! :sunglasses:


It was a blast buddy! Always a pleasure to complete a team with you and have lots of fun while at the same time melting the baddies!

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And you! Pewwwwwwwwwww :open_mouth:

Yes, the dark side :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Honestly, I thought the colours red/purple/blue/yellow would look nicer together, as this team is all about the aesthetic :D. That did mean Phys damage was a strong consideration, but I felt like we could get more fire effects on screen than gold phys damage effects, and the fire damage slotted in nicely with the other elemental damage builds :slight_smile:

@desioner and I did make a phys AAR beam build together for our deep SR team - check out the KURUMI build in the SR 186 post: [] UPDATED: **SR 186** Knights of the Eternal Realm: HealTank Builds + DPS Build insights

…Although, I’m now keen to go off and make GreenBeamMeme, watch this space… :smiley:

  • Edit: Oh right. You can’t make green Albrecht’s, only green Devastation. Did we used to be able to make green Albrecht’s?

Nice, the care bears


Be careful, don’t cross the streams!



You… picked a team… for deep SR… based on Colors?? You win @WyreZ

Insanity level maximum reached. You have unlocked the achievement ‘Freaking Crazy’ Congrats.

Go Power Ranger Care Bears!


Ahaha :smiley: Well, this particular team wasn’t originally designed for deep SR. The original four were just designed based on some light RR and survivability synergy, with maybe Sr 80-90 and dungeons in mind. Desioner’s builds (in particular, the more team-focused Amethyst Akiko) helped us to more comfortably clear harder mobs and SR. We haven’t tested the original four (with Sapphire Sarah and Amethyst Amelie) together, so I’m unsure of the exact capabilities of that particular team make up, but I’m sure it could do SR 90 at least.

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More fun, though less energy efficient, then the Chaos AAR build I was following before (I went with Orange).