[] The Crow of Bysmiel - Hybrid Pet Cabalist with L82 blue crossbow - SR80+

Last week I was actually thinking about writing a complaint about the Crow of Bysmiel because it looked pointless to me on paper and was never used in a build on this forum and hardly even mentioned anywhere.

It is a chaos 2h ranged weapon that supports poison pets. So it is a doombolt shooter + blightfiend build, but a necromancer doesn’t support chaos damage or ranged builds and a cabalist has almost no cunning. I thought as a puzzle game I could make a SR60 build out of it, because the gameplay would be fun, but…

I ended up finishing SR80 on the first attempt and it wasn’t even hard. :rofl:
This is my best hybrid pet build so far and uses only single rare MIs and more purples than usual.

Up to SR80 you don’t need to do much kiting, since your enemies will often be facing your blightfiends, but the deeper you go the more it will work as a kiting build.

There are actually 2 builds: a chaos doombolt shooter and a chaos bone harvest shooter, both are solid SR80. The bone harvester is a bit tankier and better at group fight, I reached the SR85 bossroom with the bone harvester but then died. I think it could do very well in CR but I don’t have the setup or much knowledge about it.

Chaos Bone Harvest (16m range):


Chaos Doombolt:


This was the hardest boss in SR80, because piercing

I overdosed a bit before fighting Kuba as I couldn’t believe this was possible, but he was easier than fabius, just keep walking out of his pools.

well this was furthest I ever got

some pics from doombolt run

Since this is basically a blightfiend set build, are you handicapping yourself by not taking the acid RR in devotions? (or perhaps a combo of acid + vitality RR)

I suspect blights are doing most the heavy lifting here, with a bit of chaos added from the various skills.

Not sure what you mean, I took the -30% from murmur, and the manticore is same type as eldritch hound

Oops, so you did… My bad. I need glasses.

Looks good, then. :flushed:

also a lot of damage is coming from the player, 55% of the blightfiend physical damage isn’t converted and the remaining 45% is actually converted to chaos.

If this is so, then you might consider using one or two Yugol’s Ichor rings to help that. Or compare it with these. Specific double greens can be hard to find.

I had thought about those but they support poison damage on the player, which is useless, and i was missing many vital resistances.

there is also some flexibility with those affixes, there are more useful affixes that can be balanced with augments and wraithbound has increased odds on the signet