[] The Flamecaller Division :: 20 Guardians of Empyrion - Themed Four-Man Fun

I’ve always loved exploring meme builds, with the question always being “I wonder how much //thing// I can stack onto this build?” Whether it’s armor, HP, OA, pets. I guess I like to work out where the limits are. :smiley: I was recently playing Blood of Steel - A game where you command your hero AND their troops. I’d tried some “max number of Guardians of Empyrions” builds before - but what about a whole team of them? We’d have an army of guardians to command!!

  • Exhibit ‘A’: Golden Guard Relaxes After Storm Valbury

That is this team :smiley:. Between the four builds, we have 20 guardians (could have had 24 total, but wanted to explore team roles for team cohesion - Sometimes more meme doesn’t automatically equal more fun, it turns out ;). Check it out:

  • Exhibit ‘B’: Team Dungeons Playstyle Demonstration. Cred: @WeaponZero
  • Side note: I only just realised we had a double up of Lt. Scorch in our team through the video playthroughs; we’re missing the tank lol. Still, you can see that even without the tank the team survives just fine…

Having functional guardian pets to command while also being a functional standalone character allows for a lot of flexibilities - You have the option to command your guardians to attack or intercept a group of mobs while you focus on another. Or, you can ask your pets to attack while you break way from the fight to heal up while they sustain damage. It’s actually quite a fun playstyle :smiley:

This team will very comfortably chew through dungeons and SR 76 or Cruci 170 with no serious concern to the players. We haven’t trialled them in higher SR as the point of them was for a fun, silly time, and not for hardcore survivability. If you’re looking for a fun, silly time (that is also very functional for most content), check out the team :smiley:

Introducing the Flamecaller Division:

Each build is ‘something’ paired with Oathkeeper. As a result, each build brings some kind of unique and complementary RR to the mix, helping to boost the overall damage of everyone else in the team.

-| Brigadier General Sorcha | Sentinel Tank: Four guardians

Sorcha’s role in the group is to keep aggro and provide some protection to the team. She’s a fairly tanky Sentinel with 18k hp, 3200-3400 DA, Healing Rain, Light of Empyrion, Stone Form and Ascension. She’s a ~1.1s cooldown Judgment spammer, and her healing rain, stone form and blood of dreeg all help to provide protective power to her teammates. Her defenses are significantly bolstered by the other infantry lieutenants.

-| Lieutenant Ignis | Paladin 2h Melee Support DPS: Six Guardians

Ignis wields a powerful 2h hammer to strike her foes with. Half of her damage comes from her weapon, the other half comes from her six guardians slamming Fissures into the pavement across the battlefield. Highish crit damage (75%) helps to boost her damage, especially in the presence of Sorcha’s Judgment which reduces enemy DA by 308.

Ignis brings important front line support through 20/12 Inquisitor Seals, providing important sustained damage absorption for the frontline fighters. She also has Phoenix Fire which provides her with additional damage absorption. Her boosted Aura of Conviction provides an additional 41% elemental RR to the team.

Ignis brings Meteor Shower and Fissure to boost AOE damage.

-| Lieutenant Scorch | Archon 2h Melee Support DPS: Six Guardians
Scorch is the strongest of the melee DPS in terms of damage output thanks to Shaman’s wonderful 2handed weapon attacks and bonuses. Scorch brings added %health, elemental RR and wendigo totems to support the front line. Scorch’s Wendigo Totem pairs really nicely with Ignis’ inquisitor seals and Sorcha’s stone form to bolster the team’s survivability. Scorch has 88% crit damage which is utilized well when paired with Sorcha’s Judgment (reducing enemy DA by 308).

Scorch brings Meteor Shower and Fissure to boost AOE damage.

-| Major Necrosia | Oppressor Fire Mage : Four Guardians

This is a glass cannon fire mage. She brings the damage, able to reach 2million dps on combat dummies. She has 100% Vitality to Fire conversion. This allows her Ravenous Earth (with Acid to fire conversion as well) to deal 100% fire damage, her Twin Fangs to deal a decent enough portion of fire damage to heal her, and most importantly, turns Reap Spirit with it’s massive Vitality Decay Damage into a fire dot nuke. With Ravenous Earth, Fissure, Meteor Shower, Rain of Fire and her four guardians roaming the battlefield, her AOE damage is fantastic. Reap Spirit and Stormfire provide additional damage to targets. Carnage relic helps to keep her skills resetting so she can more comfortably double/triple up on floor AOEs. She brings an additional 27% fire RR through Siphon Souls. To help balance her glassiness, Mark of Torment, Ascension and Phoenix Fire all offer damage absorption.

Because of her glassiness, she works best when there is a strong frontline between her and her enemies. That’s why she fits so nicely into this team, where there is an assured frontline taking the hits and holding aggro. She’s a lot of fun if you don’t mind ducking and weaving hard at the first sign of trouble :wink:


Grim Dawn: RTS Mode :rofl:

A very nice, fun and creative meme.

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