[] The icy spinner - cold DW Eye of Reckoning Dervish CR+/SR85

  • Cold EoR in it’s natural habitat


I have done cold EoR Dervish many times since FG was released but realized that I haven’t posted it. Reason is simple, build was always lacking something and performance was subpar. What have I changed? I did version with SR set, few unintuitive choices and overall less DPS. And as it turned out less is actually more.


  • pic witth permanent buffs, DPS is for EoR. Character’s name is really groundbreaker, super creative :sweat_smile:

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXaPrB2

GEAR: :hammer_and_pick:

  • Key items are 2x Chillhearts and SR set. Chillhearts are needed to convert EoR’s damage types in cold, lightning/fire conversion is the most important part of them. SR set gives +2 all skills, nice CC resistances, really important for this build and some tankiness.

  • Reaper Pants, Eternal Band and Omen boots gives +skills to EoR and Soulfire, so they are fairly imporant.

  • Relic is Serenity, great defensive choice, for offense is possible to use Iskandra or NB relic. I would used that if I didn’t need +skills Oathkeeper and EoR line to be specific.

  • Medal is Dark Dreams with mod to Veil of Shadow, our main source of cold RR. Also Eternal Haunt ring is used for more RR, since OK class have none.


  • Umm, not your usual devotion map for cold melee. Thing is for this type of build Kuba is pretty unbillable, so I’ve decided to take Toad and Huntress for racial damage to Beasts. After that I was stuck going in purple/green route, so I took Leviathan, together with Amatok. I also tested Blind Sage here but without good procer and more importantly CDR it’s not worth it, despite full conversion. With different map Ultos can be potent.

  • Defensively I’ve decided to take Ghoul. It will not do much in this build but still can save my life occasionally and also provides passive boost to life steal.


In Crucible build is pretty solid and it’s hard to be killed, averaging of slightly over 5:30. Kuba with unfavorable mutators can be tough but racial to beasts is quite helpful. Moose is also fairly slow and crstals can freeze you for a short period, which means build will stop spinning. Other nemeses are dying pretty quickly. Video from Crucible of 5:22!

In SR did 85th shard with no deaths. I tried 90 but was rejected in bosses chunk, I guess is possible though. Overall playing DW melee and especially spinners is no fun in SR, with all CC and mechanics having direct effect on you, even with maxed CC resistances. Video of SR 85 boss chunk and Mog (slow fight):


Yup, its not fun at all :frowning:

Nice touch with devotions, to pick up huntress for more damage against kuba. I have not played a cold build in ages, but toad and huntress nodes seems very good now!

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