><The Reckoning of Meme. DW Vitality EoR. 75-76

Hi everyone, I presented a feedback about conduit amulets and mentioned a conduit for vitality EoR might help dual wields. Since I was experimenting with spinners, I thought I should give it a shot without any modifiers. Which resulted okay, it can do 75-76 without much trouble even with bad mutators but it’s very slow and I didn’t like the feeling so didn’t push any further.

Images from the game with perma buffs, soul harvest and dying god proc

Helmet crafted with slow resist, belt crafted with stun resist.


  • I used 2x Blugrug’s Plagues Axe to convert all elemental into vitality.

  • Dunefiend Mask to dual-wielding, which also provides +1 Oathkeeper, phys resist and slow resistance; other alternatives were weaker and requires another dual wield enabler.

  • Reaper’s Legguards is BiS, ‘‘Demonic’’ prefix is needed for stun resist.

  • Valdaran Shoulderguard is needed for EoR skill points; ‘‘Void Harbinger’’ preffixes are needed to get CC resist.

  • Greaves of Ill Omen is needed for Soulfire bonus and good stats.

  • Bolvar’s Pendant is BiS for RR and slow resist, OA&DA affixes and atleast one resistance is preferable.

  • Eternal Band is for Soulfire points. You can use ‘‘Signet of the Fallen’’ which I tried but didn’t see any damage difference so I favoured extra damage reduction.

  • Cursebearer is BiS for RR.

  • Meditation relic is BiS.

  • Heart of Yugol is a good chest, provides elemental resist, phys resist, good damage and freeze resist. Azragor can be another alternative.

  • Obsidian Grasp is for phys resist mainly.

  • Mark of Plagius is BiS for HoS points and flat damage mod.

  • Crimson Lotus is not BiS but you need that +1 Oathkeeper bonus. MI belt require very good affixes. Other alternative can be Boneweave Girdle if you choose to use Eye of Reckoning Gloves.

Vitality Devotion route is very standart. Only exception is Scales instead of Revenant since without it build will have energy regen problems. I also get ‘‘turtle’’ for extra circuit breaker.

SR 76 Boss Room Video (with bad mutators.)

I did a few 75-76 runs; finishing within timer without death requires some careful piloting especially in chunks; Kuba takes too much time to kill and you don’t want facetank to MQ.

PS : My feedback about vitality EoR if devs read; Blugrug Axe’s are very good weapons to convert all elemental into vitality but lacks skill points, and getting %100 physical>vitality is impossible. Build is very behind other EoR alternatives I tried on damage wise. Some damage modifier to it, would be good.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome.