[] Themed Build: Soultaker Spellshield | Tanky Vitality Necro Caster - Crucible 150, SR 76

Grim Tools: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Video take one, lol

Let’s try that again:

Ever wanted to play a fairly tanky caster necro? Well now you can! :smiley:

Soultaker is exactly that. She weilds a shield for Stone Form, and has a couple of fairly hard hitting attacks (Bone Harvest, Reap Spirit, Hungering Maw), and uses Oblivion as a filler between attacks, casting waves of damage across enemies and afflicting them with 25% fumble/impaired aim.

The build is built around Bone Harvest, and the hardest hitting Bone Harvest recorded so far is 409,000 damage. Not bad!

Being able to cast Bone Harvest, Reap Spirit, Wendigo Rush and Hungering Maw in rapid succession can deal strong spike damage to enemies, so the damage output of this build is “not bad”.


To stay healthy, this build has strong life leeching attacks (especially Bone Harvest as it fans out dealing massive damage to multpile enemies), reduction to enemy damage from Ill Omen, damage absorption from Possession and Stone Form, and high physical resistance thanks to Hungering Maw shield, Blood of Dreeg and Blood Knight set bonus.

If you get into trouble, you have Mark of Torment for an additional 60% damage absorption.

Enjoy :smiley:

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Bone Harvest modifier works with melee two-handers only though.

Ahh, forgot I left that in there. Thanks for the catch!

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