>< Warding Beyond the Meme... Vitality/Bleeding S&B Blood Knight Warder. SR 85ish

For people who wants more blood…

I actually made this build as experience so I can give feedback on bleeding side of the Blood Knight set and various other vitality/bleeding items such as Howl of the Wendigo, Crimson Spike, Bloodrender, Ravager’s Bite so people can build around those like DW melee vitaliy/bleeding trickster, reaper, warder, death knight or ritualist. For now this build will be worse with Death Knight, weird with Ritualist since why not use bloodrager? I also tried to make WH and Trickster but again things got real tricky. But having alternatives and creativity, that’s why we are playing this game. Thanks devs for their unlimited support to the GD.


Images from the game with perma buffs and Howl of the Mogdrogen proc

PS: Helmet and Medal crafted with armor, Weapon with %physical. Better to have all in physique for some more cunning investment.


  • Full BK set for all benefits.
  • Medal and Shield for extra bleed on BA(better to have keeper prefix for resistances) and Unchained Might for %20 WD modifier.
  • Tranquil Mind for slow resist and Primal Bond points also allows you not to invest any point in spirit. Because of low OA/DA I couldn’t use a legendary bleeding belt so Bloodletter prefix is important for OA and bleed damage.
  • Massacre for the great proc but if I had more chaos resist, then I would go for Oleron’s Wrath since soldier side is the needy part of the build.
  • I used 2x Deathlord’s Band but having one Ring of Orissia probably result better, couldn’t test that since I don’t have it :slight_smile:


  • I really sit on the fence while testing the build. In the end I decide to stick with Rattosh. You can’t give up Scales it’s crucial to build’s survival and BA sustain is bad without rattosh.

  • Yet when you wanna keep both you can’t even get Falcon to have one more bleeding source. Plus build doesn’t have enough OA for living shadows and since it’s not a pierce build their sustain doesn’t help. So it was either Rattosh or Falcon+Unknown Soldier while keeping the scales; I went with the Rattosh to be safe. It worked well with Counter Strike and Scales.

SR 85

It’s ‘‘ish’’ because you do hardly. Even on this single shard run extra bleeding resist; I died a few times. And while progressing to 85 I maybe died like 20-25 times so 85 possible with sheer dedication. Higher? Doubt it. It’s okay at 75-76, not the fastest nor the safest but it becomes easy when you learn what build can do and can’t.

It’s a fun build surprisingly, it’s like my second S&B build, but first one was existed a brief moment 2200 hours or something ago :rofl: It’s also my first bleeding build! so I’m sure it can me improved but it has the limit of ‘‘One-hand Blade Arc’’. As I said if this build was Death Knight, it would hardly do 75-76. I benefit the extra RR and damage from Shaman side.

For Z;

Please increase the flat damage values on one-hand blade arc items.

And add some Weapon Damage to Counter Stike. Maybe some Bleeding Damage to Bone Harvest, since there are items that supports the concept but I’ll make a seperate thread for all of these.

Thanks for reading any comment is welcome.


Nice build! :+1: At last Bleeding part of Blood Knight set was noticed.

I have this Death Knight https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25a8no2. It can do SR 75, even 80, but with some accuracy (in my case, with at least one death per run :rofl:, I am so reckless). Not the strongest build, but fun nonetheless. It would be nice indeed to give the set some Bleeding to Bone Harvest.

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Thanks; yes I thought about Guillotine with DK aswell but the bummer is you can only convert %35 of the physical into vitality so spam BA wasn’t a choice and BH have no bleeding damage. Plus transmuter wastes the base physical damage of the weapon. I thought using both howl of the wendigo and ravager’s bite for CD BA+Cadence spam but not enough skill points.

So vitality/bleed DK is not satisfying at the moment and for Warder, there is a far better choice… Bloodrager…


Good to see dual damage used here - that’s all I’ve been playing for the past year.

Vitality/Bleeding DK is fun and damage isn’t bad, I just wish there was some Bleeding Damage added to BH from the Blood Knight set and Blug’rug’s Plagued Edge should get a Bleeding Damage modifier to Harbinger of Souls as well.

I’ve got 2 versions I’m playing: one with Howl of the Wendigo and Ravager’s Bite (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKwvkoN) and the second with Blug’rug’s Plagued Edge and Edge of Death (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDPlgQZ). First one gets about 800k DPS per Grim Internals in the campaign and second about 900k.

I went DK over Warder solely for thematic reasons. :smile:


First one is what I tried but failed. Second is better with complete vitality focus as my build. But I already suggested Edge of Death should have bleed support instead of physical/trauma in the Edge of Death thread.

And yes some bleeding modifier on Blugrug’s Plaqued Edge would be great.


While I’m happy to see S&B’s BK succeed, I’m a little disappointed that it’s not DK. Still, a good result. Well done!

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Nice job, and good to see some S+B attempts with a skill that almost exclusively sees 2H.

I wonder if the transmuter should be changed from its current state to a better spam 1H boost? I can’t recall a time where I’ve seen or wanted the transmuter in use. I think it is supposed focus less on the %wpn damage of 2H and more on the skills invested - for a big bleed/IT dot - but it doesn’t seem to do that well with the significant investment numbers and extended cd.

Now that you are all fired up about bleed and felt how BA suffers with 1H, perhaps you can experiment with S+B bleed Baldirs (VM+Judgment focus?).:wink:

Do I have to use Baldir set? :stuck_out_tongue:

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