[ -] Custom Virtue Sentinel ( SR 100, 4:25 CR (4:45 average), Crate/ Calla/ Ravager of Minds)

Primary tab with permanent buffs OLD IMAGE
Craft for physique, but depending on what affixes you have on greens, you can craft for stun/freeze/slow res.

Aegis tooltip with Ascension and Absolution OLD TOOLTIP

Look for OA on greens, phys res prefix on shield ( can be bought in Malmouth) and. Medal can be bought in Ancient Grove.
Don’t try to facetank too much, sustain is reliant to Aegis.
Play around Ascension, it has good uptime and all your cc res are bound to it.
Worth mentioning that Solael-Sect pants might be better for the build, will probably fiddle around with them. VIDS:


@romanN1 's run [PT] Arcane_undo's Custom Virtue Sentinel - YouTube
I might post some other builds from the test patch that I thought are worth posting, if I can find the will to live post them.


Take me balls deep into your build please. Why custom? What are the advantages?!? Do the inhabitants of devil’s crossing know you play peekaboo with zantarin behind walls?!?!?!?


Up to 11% more CDR with the green shield and -0.1s recharge to Aegis.

Thanks for the build, I like the playstyle and how you maxed out all the Oathkeeper skills.

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They really need to buff some of these sets,or the individual pieces,or nerf the Mi’s,to me its INSANE that ONE green shield is better than the combined legendery shield+ set bonus,thats bonkers

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Updated Grimtools, seems like Rebuke got a heavy buff so I am maxing it out and put Haven to 10/10.

Not even a day and there’s already gt update :rofl:

Yeah, it’s kinda weird that many greens are more powerful legendary sets. But you could argue that sets are easier to obtain than powerful greens. You can do SR, Crucible or Totems - whatever you feel like. Eventually, probably sooner than later, you will drop some pieces and/or helmet blueprint.
If you compare that to annoying MI farming runs or resetting vendors for hours before you get the correct affix, then it’s clear that more powerful item requires more effort to get.
Still feels weird that on some builds you reach lv94, equip a legendary set and then go farm for green stuff because it’s stronger :smiley: Maybe MI, especially double and triple rares should get another color?


Naked ex run Custom Virtue Sentinel Crucible naked extra - YouTube
I felt the lack of cc res outside of Ascension the most here.

Make the Mi’s easier to get and nerf em maybe,its a real pain to farm them,specialy when so often they drop with perfect stats but the conversion screws it up completly,i dont understand why this even happens,you get Mi’s that are tailored for a specific dmg type,but they can roll with random conversions

Also i dont mind so much that an Mi can be better than a legendery,but when its better than the legendery PLUS its final set bonus?thats just weird design

I don’t mind builds with greens being better than those with full sets but this particular shield does look weak.

These are useful for weird builds, I like them.

Updated grimtools, build lost some damage but it got more defences through dmg reduction, phys res and more hp. Rotation got worse since it lost casting speed from the ring and it uses damage reduction active skill from the boots and nothing I asked for this set was added/buffed so we’re still using 4 pieces, oh well. Added some videos.