[] Bullseye - Evoker of Elgoloth Vindicator | SR75-76 | CR ~4:30 | Ravager | Crate

If ya really need one I have like 10 sitting in my stash. (I don’t use GD stash)

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Hey, im relatively new player, leveling the build it got pretty fun so thanks for the build cant wait for it to pop off when I get all the items. I was wondering one thing tho is Aura of censure more dmg then stormcaller pact. At first glance the latter seems like great suited for the build ? Cheers.

Censure should be better damage here via resistance reduction, and the safety/tank is much better with consistent reduced incoming damage on the aura.

Now if we had about 600+ more OA to scale the crit damage, stormcaller may win out, but not easy to grab that on vindicator

Yeah ok that makes sense Crit damage is a huge part of that skill. Thanks for the reply !

The other issue is storm spread is your big attack in this setup, which spreads pretty quickly. You generally want to be face to face with shotgun wps so you maximize the damage. Half a screen away means you only hit a couple of the bolts

“Mythical Evoker of Elgoloth: reduced Lightning damage to 37-93 and removed % Crit damage. Reduced % Weapon damage modifier for Savagery to 24% and reduced % Projectile Passthrough modifier for Storm Spread to 50%.”

Nerfs seem harsh. :cry:

Will test again when patch lands, was very strong with latest changes so I think it’ll still be fine.

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@Zwijger here ya go. Resists are a bit tight actually, never really paid attention as they are all capped in game (except pierce). grabbing Mythical Fateweaver chest will be better defensively.

Ah yours is indeed different from mine, I went all in on crits, including Storm Box of Elgoloth for DA reduction, Hawk as a minor constellation, and Upheaval as a weapon proc instead of chilling rounds because of this extreme focus on crit.

Your variant is definitely way less affected by the nerfs than mine because of this, and probably just the better way to run it now. However, I’ll probably just start a new character TBH, look if I have some spicy legendary to build around, I found building my own character more rewarding than simply copying others, and it doesn’t feel right to make the first build that’s really “mine” into something else.

Still working on the full revamp here after considerable changes in For the poor guy on reddit trying to kill Ravager with this, can try this layout while I keep testing options this weekend


Bumped with update for Safer while still bringing the hammer


Thanks for the Update. How would the devotion map look for SR farming?

Yeah, Zantai’s hammer that is, just wait few months when next test patch goes live.

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As built is fine, I used that map for the sr run I linked. Can also swap spear nodes for korvaak nodes instead, putting korvaak on inquisitor seal

Have another update to do thanks to feedback from banana and lee and a bunch of filthy ghoul lovers, SR 75-76 video with link for now. Ravager stable still


Hi there!

Is there a list of potions we should use for max damage/survivability?

Hmm, nothing in SR and crucible beyond normal heal potions. Against ravager safer to use the health boosting and additional leech potions, this won’t kill him naked.

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Would you recommend the new spec in the SR75-76 video for Crate or the updated Grimtools in the topic post? Killing Crate is the only thing I haven’t done in this game and as I’m currently leveling a Vindicator, I’d like to knock that out with this char.

I should get OP updated again but lazy. So the toxic avenger channel tested a bunch of different devo layouts, all of which have pros and cons. The two I’d recommend most are the ghoul+tempest is the above SR75-76 video, or this setup with extra tank that banana tried: Vindicator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator . OP update is already out of date now as the switch to 2 piece eastern and seal MI shoulders by lee was a net improvement


Thanks. Going with banana’s version. I generally like mindlessly mowing through the invaders of Cairn to reach level 100 before almost immediately leveling a new build so the extra tank is appreciated.