[] Aether Reaping Arc Mage Hunter. SR 85/Mogdrogen

Hi everyone; Aether Reaping Arc has made before nerf but with Spellbinder; which is definitely a better choice; but I wanted to try it with Mage Hunter and luckily, flat damage buff on Lucius Blade-arm has moved to WoR and made my class choice an actual alternative rather than meme.

Images from the game with perma buffs + WoR.

PS: Helmet crafted with Stun resist, Ring crafted with %physique

:damage_aether: :damage_aether: GRIMTOOLS :damage_aether: :damage_aether:

Not gonna explain details througly because I couldn’t figure out how to use new ‘‘hide details’’ button;

  • Most gears are BiS including Bonemonger set.

  • Getting Double-Rare on Lucius Bladearm is quite hard I’m aware but getting atleast ‘‘of Shattered Reality’’ suffix is mandatory.

  • Ygraad Belt is also needed for conversion but you may also need certain affixes to balance resistances. I used this one which capped my Bleeding Resist and overcapped Chaos resist. ‘‘Thunderstruck’’ might work too, you can change ring components into Bloodied Crystal and change fire-cold augments into chaos/pierce.

  • Constellation route is focused on Korvaak and Spear; the only difference you can make is to get Imp maybe, I didn’t try that one since I needed the bleeding resist and Undead Racial on Wretch.

PS: I used ‘‘Imbued Silver’’ component to balance resistances.

SR 85 Boss Room

Died once to Kuba due to my stupidity in Boss Room. Build is pretty fast and consistent in farming range.

Avatar of Mogdrogen

Changed 3 augments into lightning resist to overcap accordingly. And used 1x Aether Cluster just to be safe but don’t be me, don’t forget to use OA consumables so you won’t miss againts him and probably won’t need that 1x Aether Cluster :stuck_out_tongue: And I just realized that I didn’t even use lightning resist consumable… :sweat_smile:

Lokarr (Since Ravager was impossible)

Used only fire resist consumable, pretty fast.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Great build!
Love it!

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Nice work. I had a similar doodle but I was planning on using aether Word of Pain conduit and 3 piece Bonemonger. Glad to see it works well in practice :+1:

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Thanks. I think Extra RR and set proc is more useful than WoP damage and some more DA shred.