[] Chaos Retaliation Bomberman

Hello! This is an idea I’ve had for a long time and now It’s time to share it!

The Chaos Retaliation concept has remained almost unexplored by the community so here’s some inspiration for you.

Chaos Retaliation Bomberman

The Sentinel of the Three set has chaos damage support, and being an acid retaliation set I wondered how could I use it to my advantage. Conveniently, this amulet adds 100% acid to chaos conversion to BoD. Now we would need a class that supports both Chaos and Retaliation damage, and that class is Pyromancer.

Gear explanation:

Weapon: adds rata to Grenado
Shield: flat acid retal, %retal damage, %chaos damage, cdr
Head: flat fire retal, +skills, adds rata to Canister Bomb, Granted skill has rata.
Chest: flat acid retal, %retal damage, %chaos damage
Shoulder: flat acid retal, %retal damage, %chaos damage
Pants: flat fire retal.
Gloves: flat acid retal.
Boots: %chaos damage, proc provides flat chaos retal.
Belt: fire to chaos conversion.
Amulet: acid to chaos conversion. Build Enabler.
Rings: fire to chaos conversion, chaos RR. Flat acid retal.
Medal: converts physical damage to chaos for grenado. (I’m assuming it also converts the physical rata to chaos)


Solael’s Witchblade: Chaos RR
Messenger of War: flat fire retal, which gets converted to chaos.
Alladrah Phoenix: flat fire retal, which gets converted to chaos.
Ulo: Cleansing Waters. Replace with Solemn Watcher If you wanna be tankier.
Obelisk of Menhir: %retal bonuses, good defensive proc
Dying God: %chaos damage, proc provides flat chaos retal.

Active Skills:
Grenado: Main dmg skill. Both normal damage and rata boosted. has 52% rata and 36% cd reset chance.
Canister Bomb: AoE rata skill. Has 36% cd reset chance.
Flame Breath (item granted): 55% rata on 2.5sec cd.
Thermine Mine: Chaos RR.
Blackwater Cocktail: Flat RR.
Solael’s flame: Chaos RR.
Bloody Pox: Fevered Rage.

Don’t forget to take Consecrated Blade in Occultist to convert 30% phys retal to chaos.

Final Words
About 2k %chaos damage (with dying god proc) and 1200% retal damage should make grenado a good nuke. Build lacks other healing source besides BoD and potions but hopefully Stone form + 15/12 Blast Shield + Phoenix will make up for it.