[] Elemental Tri-hard: 2h Melee Cabalist

theorycrafting urge
When the theorycrafting urge kicks in

Hello guys, today was another theorycrafting night for me, which resulted in the following meme (yet another Reapic arc user):

Tri-elemental Meme

The idea behind the build was to make use of the conversions of the weapon (vit,aether,chaos) to stack as much flat elemental damage as possible.
Occultist enables vitality conversion and also provides flat vit, chaos, and acid dmg, as well as much needed RR. Necromancer provides flat aether, vitality and cold damage. Since none of the classes have an auttoattack replacer, I went for Reaping Arc relic.

Gear explanation:

Weapon: Core of the build
Head: flat dmg, +skills, conversions, attack speed. Very synergystic with the weapon.
Chest: flat dmg
Shoulder: helps with aether conversion. Prefix is probably the best. Feel free to replace suffix (Of Fallen Skies probably the best).
Pants: the proc is nice.
Gloves: flat dmg+attack speed.
Boots: phys res, stun res.
Belt: acid conversion.
Amulet: flat dmg+attack speed.
Rings: flat dmg+attack speed+Fire RR
Medal: flat dmg modifier for spectral binding. Nice. / Alternative: Mythical Mark of Anguished Lies


Kraken :slight_smile:
Survival: Bat
RR: We take all three elemental -x% devotions. For Flat RR we take Revenant.
tier3: Torch for fire damage bonuses. Ultos for cold/lightning bonuses.

I think I’m gonna keep this devo setup as reference for future trielemental builds (at least for single RR classes). There is the possibility to exchange Bat for Behemoth: Just take 1 point from Torch. If it is not a 2h weapon build just take Viper instead of Kraken.

Active Skills:
Since Cabalist is not a dual RR class and I had to take all three ele RR devotions, this was doomed to be a piano build. Nonetheless, the skills provide good utility.

Reaping Arc: Main dmg skill
Bone harvest: for Soul Harvest bonus dmg
Sigil of consumption: Devotion trigger. Fully converted should be a decent heal besides Bat.
Ill Omen: Devotion trigger. Reduced Target’s Damage.
Bloody Pox: Devotion trigger. OA shred.
Upon Rylok’s Wings (medal augment): Devotion Trigger. OA/DA shred.
MoT: Panic Button.

Final Words

I’ve never played a trielemental build before and this toon seems good enough for me. I might actually create this char, but if I don’t, well at least I hope this build serves as inspiration for meme builders.
I am open to suggestions for further min-maxing (as I am an elitist meme theorycrafter)

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and reading. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Did you mean Kraken?

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Yes, thank you. It seems it was a bit late for me to be planning. :sleeping:

Awesome alternative! I like the amulet choice particularly. And less buttons is great for those who don’t like piano builds as long as they do not mind farming greens.

I wanted to see your build with my devo setup for moar RR. Here’s what I got:
Different devo setup

*I had to drop Meteor and Solael Dagger because we lack the 2 extra buttons to proc them.
*Still has ghoul from the original setup.
*Since it now has Bat I replaced Lifegiver Ring for Combustion Band
*Replaced medal component
*Replaced Armor component
*Added armor augments

Summary: Build now has more RR, 3k+ OA, more AS, more crit dmg, and Bat.