[] PermAscension Dual-Wield Lightning Archon

Hello there, sorry this is not really a guide or anything, more of a showcase of what is possible with the recent patch. Also the first build i post here on forums.

Grim Tools : Archon, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Screenshot bonuses are WITH Savagery and Ascension + Perma toggle buffs.

This build utilizes the updated Crystallum Swords and Helmet from the Virtue set to reach 18 seconds of Ascension. With -unfortunately- no CDR, Ascension cooldown is still 24, however we use Hourglass devotion to reduce the active cooldown by 6 to reach virtually permanent Ascension. Patch not only Buffed the Crystallum Swords, but we also get a nice damage and big Lifesteal buff to Korvaak medal while also our Guardian pets reduce enemy Elemental Resists (used to be Fire only) now. Also Cindertouch gloves now give Attack Speed, although they are not mandatory for the build.

Hardcapped Ascension provides 290 Damage Absorb, really big damage bonus (Not only the base +330% but also flat lightning from 2 Crystallum swords), +24% Bonus damage to Chthonics, massive OA and CC reduction permanently.

Rings are not mandatory, however, they provide huge damage bonus baseline and especially with their procs. With both procs active, they rougly give 25% more Sheet damage so i highly recommend them. However, their resistances are useless and you might wanna go something with more defense. I’m also not sure if their proc cooldown is effected by Hourglass devotion.

Amulet is there for +1 all skills, but not mandatory. If you have a better idea, go for it. Pants is filler here for resistance and stuff.

I’m not really an SR pusher -at all- or someone who records videos so apologizes. But i just casually finished a SR70-71 run. Someone with skills sure can push this build to some degree. Mind you that the build is not very tanky despite having huge life pool so you might wanna get more Armor of Physical res from somewhere. As long as you can attack however, you instantly refill your life, but expect to take big chunks of damage in fights.

Thank you if you made this far :slight_smile:


This might be slightly out of topic, but i have not find a more recent discussion about the recently modified Crystallum.

I have a dual wield Savagery Trickster currently using 2x Mythical Stormheart and I’m looking to replace those by 2x Mythical Crystallum.
My question is about the interaction between multi-target Savagery and WPS (Execution in my case) : do you know if the damage arc and multi-target properties are applied to the WPS when they proc ?

Good question. Unfortunately i don’t remember if +X target modification for Savagery or similiar skills work with WPS.