[] Preview Shieldbreaker Build SR 75+ Shattered Ranged Strongholder

Hello again,

this is a Build when hits - at the moment its still in progress - but SR 75+ Solo okaysh


SR 75+ Solo Testrun Ranged Shieldbreaker
a bit unlucky at 76 with the Burnies :slight_smile: but thats how life goes deal with it :stuck_out_tongue:

the masterypoints are getting +1 on all when patch goes live and if the changes on stronghold stay as announced - so they are softcapped or even hardcapped

The Augments like on the Weapons are not tweaked for now - like i can drop one Hexxers Kiss for another augment - also on Rings and Amulet and so on

till now i have tested a dozen of devotion setups with like Phoenix or Hyrian and so on
and this is for now a solid one but still in progress

i have also some ideas with other gearsetup for the rings - im actually farming alot of Gargabol and Alexanders Chausses

Maybe one Gargabol Ring or maybe 2

Also i got a concept with a 2Hand Range - Hellborne and like 4-5 Devotionsetups for testing

Stay tuned

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