[] Ulzuin's Chosen: Lightning Retaliation Sorcerer

Time becomes a plaything for the chosen: Those who follow the destructive ways of Ulzuin are soon rewarded with the art of chronosorcery, becoming conduits for his wrath to burst through time itself.


buffed medal

With patch Kymon’s Badge got some nice buffs, which encouraged me to plan something around it. To make it more spicy, I added retaliation since Grenado and Callidor have rata support via gun and offhand.

Ulzuin’s Chosen

  • Hardcapped+rata boosted grenado and softcapped+rata boosted callidor
  • Potential resets for grenado and canister thanks to suffix of medal (inspired by this)
  • High OA to ensure the built-in crit dmg of Grenado is put to use
  • 12/12 MoE +Time Dilation for defensive-aggresive playstyle
  • Retal Build
  • Lots of rata procs from gear

Gear explanation: I think this is self explanatory but here we go

Weapon: conversion and rata to grenado
Off-hand: rata to callidor
Head: flat retal, +skills, rata to Canister Bomb.
Chest: flat retal, conversion.
Shoulder: flat retal.
Pants: flat retal.
Gloves: flat retal.
Boots: flat retal.
Belt: This is simply beautiful.
Amulet: Nice modifiers for MoE.+skills.
Rings: flat retal, set gives flat RR to weapon dmg, good proc.
Medal: core of the build
Relic: flat retal + cast speed. Very good alternative: Eternity if you don’t like retal memery


Widow: RR
Messenger of War: flat retal + slow res for callidor spam
Hyrian: retal bonuses+armor+healing increase+proc
Chariot of the Dead: cc res, OA, DA, armor, healing
Phoenix: retal bonuses + proc
Aeon Hourglass: cc res + cdr for MoE

Active Skills:
Grenado: Main skill
Callidor Tempest: spam while other skills recharge
Thermine Mines: RR
Blackwater Cocktail: flat RR
Flame Breath: rata skill
Canister Bomb: AoE rata skill
Will of the Fallen Kings: Movement

Final Words
Why Star Pact over Reckless Power?: CDR suits better for Grenado, MoE and devotions. Reckless Power benefits mainly Callidor spam.

I’m gonna throw this again (heh)

An accurate depiction of the devices designed by the chosen -Circa 1192

Thanks for reading!

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