[ -] Chill Indisputable - DW Malkadarr Morgoneth Reaper [sr+][mi][vid]

And the funny thing is, they’re all legit builds too :rofl:

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Welcome to! :slightly_smiling_face:

Let us look at buffs the build received:

  • Reduced monster % Cold Resist by 6% on Ultimate difficulty and 3% on Elite difficulty
  • Dual Blades: increased base % Physical Resist by 2%
  • Pneumatic Burst: reduced Cooldown to 8s and increased Offensive Ability scaling with rank to 110 by rank 12, 200 by max ultimate rank
  • Breath of Belgothian: reduced Cooldown Reduction to -3s
  • Shadow Dance: increased Defensive Ability scaling with rank to 160 by rank 12, 290 by max ultimate rank, and increased % Melee and % Ranged Avoidance scaling with rank to 22% by rank 12, 28% by max ultimate rank
  • Elemental Awakening: increased Frostburn, % Elemental damage and % Frostburn damage damage scaling with rank

Not much, so the build remains same and only slightly stronger. Have fun and do not forget to ask questions/give new amazing ideas! :smile:

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