[ -] Chill Indisputable - DW Malkadarr Morgoneth Reaper [sr+][mi][vid]

Freezing welcome to everyone! :cold_face:

Today’s build is evolved around Malkadarr’s Dreadblade sword and its massive modifiers to Execution and Necrotic Edge. I thought that making a suggested Reaper with two of them might be an actually good idea. On paper it looked worse than on practice though, I must confess. Not great, just…doable. Well, I was wrong :slightly_smiling_face:. Anyway, here are the results.

1. Grimtools link

It was hard to balance all stats, some sacrifices were made for QoL instead of more damage. Even though the build has enough DR from Necromancer mastery, Yugol route appeared more stable than Leviathan. Still, build requires active gameplay to survive, not for lazy casuals like me :rofl:. Beware of Reflective aura on mobs! To get hit with your own Execution hurts much. Retaliation ones also can be dangerous.

2. In-game character stats
general stats, only passive buffs and Pheumatic Burst are active
magic stats
defense stats

3. Gear/Build explanation
There is a variant using SR set with more tankiness and better CC resists, but less damage and RR. Also, I wanted to make a successful build with Armor of the Eternal Night set finally (Morgoneth Death Knight with Cold Cadence and dual Dreadweavers was pretty squishy and miserable in terms of damage :expressionless:).

  1. Core items.
    Weapons. Dual Malkadarr’s Dreadblades. Huge modifiers to Execution (for single targets) and Necrotic Edge (for AoE). Reaper with them is truly terrifying :grin:. Look for Physical-to-Cold conversion prefix and %AS suffix (“Chilled…of Alacrity” is the worst possible).
    Set. Armor of the Eternal Night. Good Cold set for Reapers, with RR and nice proc. Gloves should have %AS/%CS, its absence makes no sense. Really, what game designers thought back then? :roll_eyes:
    Medal. Dreadchill Mark. More great modifiers to Necrotic Edge and some for Bone Harvest, %Cold Damage, %AS, even Night’s Chill skillpoints. It is created for the build, literally.
  2. Mandatory items.
    Ring 1. Lifegiver Signet. Big chunk of Health, Lifesteal, points to Soul Harvest and Necrotic Edge, DA, nice proc.
    Ring 2. Deathguard Sigil. Even more points for Soul Harvest and more importantly - it allows to hardcap our monstrous Execution. Overall good Acid/Cold ring, proc is more AoE, nothing wrong with that.
    Belt. Gargoyle Waistguard. +1 to Nightblade, Vitality-to-Cold conversion for Soul Harvest and Harbinger of Souls. Look for Pierce, Elemental, Acid Resistances and OA/DA.
    Relic. Nidalla’s Outbreak. +1 to Nightblade, %Cold Damage, DA, Aether Resistance, wonderful proc. Just take it, nothing will probably beat it :slightly_smiling_face:.
    Boots. Amatok’s Step. Good Cold boots with %Health, DA, Physical and Slow Resistances. Proc is another AoE - why not? :grin:
  3. Can be changed.
    Pants. Dreeg-Sect Legguards. MI slot with innate %Stun Res and %OA. You can change them with anything if you get Stun res on other MIs.
    Amulet. Kaisan’s Burning Eye. I had this amulet with pretty good affixes, so I decided to use it. Kaisan’s Eldritch Eye can be better for CC resistances. Or any Cold amulet with +1 to Nightblade at least to hardcap Execution. Keep in mind that my amulet has Necromancer’s prefix with +2 to Soul Harvest, which is no longer available in game after patch.

About Resistance Reduction. Total amount is ~104% (-35% from Night’s Chill modifier of Veil of Shadow, -22% from modified Ill Omen, -23% from Murmur constellation and flat 24 from Revenant constellation) plus 20% from Viper constellation. This is enough against most enemies. Yes, Kuba and Fabius are pretty resistant, but doable nonetheless.

4. Gameplay
Always keep Pneumatic Burst, Soul Harvest, Lethal Assault buffs on yourself and Ill Omen on enemies. Ring of Steel to freeze/apply Fumble attacks debuff. Amatok’s Breath/Shadow Strike for damage and mobility. Mark of Torment in dire situations, Blade Barrier when you can’t leech from an enemy or to prevent especially crushing blow (always keep it ready when fighting Fabius and use it simultaneously with him). Rest of the time Beronath everything, Execution and Necrotic Edge will obliterate enemies :grin:.

5. Videos
Mad Queen.




SR 75 full.

Avatar of Mogdrogen (old video) (potions are in the video, full facetank, used one Fire+Lightning augment. No healpots (I think) and clusters).

Ravager of Flesh (potions are in the video, garbage piloting, occasional healpots, no Aether Clusters :grin:).

Conclusions? Build is good, its somewhat squshy nature is compensated by damage and defensive abilities. Can be made even better for sure. For me, this variant is definitely playable :slightly_smiling_face:. Look forward to improve it more!

Thanks for reading, any feedback is welcome. Have a good time!


Do you mind if I reserve this post? No? Perfect :slightly_smiling_face:.

P.S. Sorry for Mogdrogen video lags, that puny Thundergod decided to use forbidden Bad Optimization magic tricks :rofl:.


Here is a fantasy setup if your are into that sort of thing (weapon damage from 18k to 27k, armor to 3k, 3.3k OA etc.). Probably squishy af, but should be fun…

Yeah, it is fragile indeed :slightly_smiling_face:. And I do not use stashed items, only those that I found in-game by myself (means no trading as well).


Probably a silly question, but how do you farm this weapon? From what I could find online - the boos that drops it is only a storyline spawn (he wasn’t there when I went there with my Kymon allied char). So this means it’s once per character?

You can farm Malkadarr boss after completing The Sacred Ashes (Kymon's Chosen) - Official Grim Dawn Wiki for the weapon. My swords dropped in SR though :slightly_smiling_face:.


Worth noting as well, he’ll always drop a sword if killed in campaign to compensate for the walk to him being so long. Same goes for Barthollem guaranteed dropping one of his 2 Hammers for Devil’s Vigil-aligned characters.


One problem - those bosses can drop 92 lvl weapons with lower stats instead of desired 94 :rofl:.


Turned out I had decided to skip Kymon’s questline, since I had already maxed it… That’s why there was no boss there… Thanks for the reply! And the guide!

Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:

Patch brought some minor, but pleasant changes:

  • Dual Blades: increased % Physical Resist scaling with rank to 12% by rank 16, 20% by max ultimate rank
  • Phantasmal Armor: increased Armor scaling with rank to 152 by rank 12, 320 by max ultimate rank

More Phys Resistance and Armor, nothing wrong with that. Overall build has not changed. I only replaced Magic Stats screenshot in main topic due to Soul Harvest buff absence (sorry :sweat_smile:).


Hi @Willnoword! Hope you are doing well. Was wondering if I could substitute spectral battle axe for the swords; I’m having a hard time farming good ones right now. (Plus any decent ones are level 92 fml)

Hi! I am doing fine, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:.

Malkadarr swords are build-defining, remove them - and it will be another build (I believe I saw DW Spectral Battle Axe here on this forum :thinking:). It would be much worse single-target damage, but better AoE, definitely. Not to mention vendor-farming axes in SoT instead of killing just one mob and pray for good rolls :grin:. I would still use Malkadarr weapons though, even 92 lvl versions. Execution, even after nerfs, is still great annihilator of thick targets.

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One more question, if you don’t mind: could I use Myth Night’s Embrace in place of Kaisan, and use Serenity for the +1 all skills? %cold would be the same as your setup (unless a stupid lucky Kaisan’s Amulet dropped).

Less damage actually, Nidalla’s Outbreak gives %Cold Damage. I would use Night’s Embrace and Outbreak, Ghoul is present in this build, so Serenity is not necessary.

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Ok cool. Thanks for responding, now to farm some half decent Malkie swords.

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Hi! Just found your build and I’m following it as a general guide right now. I had a quick question, why go Revenant over Manticore over resistance reduction? It seems like manticore might do ok damage with the decent chuck random +acid damage the build gets, and has more resist reduction. Is it just easier to maintain the revenants full time, or am I missing something else important. Thanks, loving the build so far!

Hello, @PapaBadger! I am glad you liked the build :slightly_smiling_face:.

Why Revenant over Manticore? First devotion offers much more for AA builds - %AS, ADCtH, some Energy leech. Less damage from Undead on top, some Health, Vitality resistance is not needed though. Second one offers flat OA, %Phys res, Health… and 4 more flat RR, that’s it. Acid Damage numbers are less than even half-converted Vitality, so it does not matter. And yes, Revenant skeletons are more consistent than Manticore procs (and deal more damage thanks to global Vitality-to-Cold conversion).

In the end, it is up to personal tastes. You may use Manticore, for example, at the cost of third node of Ulzuin (first two are too valuable to lose) relocated to Red Crossroads, if you like the devotion. But for topic build it gives less than Revenant, in my opinion.


Hello, fellow Malkadarr’s acolytes! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the list of changes:

  • Nidalla’s Outbreak: replaced % Crit damage with 3% Defensive Ability
  • Malkadarr’s Dreadblade: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Execution to 80% - nice :+1:
  • Mythical Amatok’s Step: increased % Poison Resist to 38% and reduced % Vitality Resist to 18%
  • Mythical Dreadchill Mark: increased Defensive Ability to 56
  • Armor of the Eternal Night Set: increased % Health bonus to 12% and % Armor bonus to 22%. Increased % Vitality Resist Reduction modifier for Veil of Shadows to -18%.
  • Murmur: increased Health to 200, Defensive Ability to 40 and % Vitality Resist to 15%
  • Yugol, the Insatiable Night: increased Acid damage to 8, Cold damage to 8 and % Attack damage Converted to Health to 8%. Added 30% Petrify Resist.
  • Blade Barrier: increased base Health Regeneration and its scaling with rank and increased Cooldown scaling at ultimate ranks to 12s by max ultimate rank. Crowd Control Resist is now 80% at all ranks. The buff is now undispellable.
  • Bone Harvest: increased base % Weapon damage to 120% and increased its scaling with rank to 300% by rank 16, 360% by max ultimate rank
  • Dread: increased Vitality Decay damage scaling with rank

Since %Crit Damage on relic became %DA, we can reallocate some points from Shadow Dance to, for example, softcap Harbinger of Souls (gives more damage and lifesteal). Grimtools link was updated, as usual.


I still have yet to make this build, bc swords are refusing to drop with useful affixes in SR. :joy:

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You farm Malkadarr swords, another guy farms Alkamos rings for my Soulrend Morgoneth Spellbreaker… Yeah, I make pretty expensive builds :rofl:.

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