[] 2H Vitality Savagery Ritualist(no set). SR 85/Mogdrogen/Ravager of Flesh

This ritualist uses his wooden mace rather than trusting bloody rites

Hi everyone, I like to share my Vitality pure AA Ritualist with you. At first I tried with 3 piece Blood Knight set but that setup dissapointed me, than while I was checking for other options I realized the Death-Watcher pendant got serious buffs so I gave it a shot and resulted much better.

Image from the game with perma buffs + Savagery stacks and Dying God proc

:fleur_de_lis: GRIMTOOLS :fleur_de_lis:

Gear Choices and Constellation
  • Wildblood Crusher is BiS. You might think a double rare Spectral Warmaul(which I have) can provide more damage but you lose a lot of skill points including the ninth charge of savagery.

  • Packla’s Skins is BiS for Savagery mods. Try to get Demonic prefix or Void Harbinger suffix for CC resist.

  • Death-Watcher pendant is BiS for mods. Getting atleast one resistance is important, Aether, Vitality or Acid.

  • Reaper Legguards is BiS for Soul Harvest points, try to get either Demonic of Void Harbinger depending on your helmet affixes.

  • Heart of Yugol is mainly for massive health, good stats and key elemental resist. You can use Rotgheist chest for more damage, you only lose some health, phys resist and freeze resist.

  • Rotgheist Shoulder provides good stats and ele>vitality conversion.

  • Crimson Claws is BiS for Savagery points.

  • Boneshatter Treads is BiS.

  • Rylok Crest is BiS for savagery mods, just get atleast one resist, some OA/DA and obviously vitality damage.

  • Lunal’Valgoth Waistguard is BiS; elemental resist is key if you can’t get on other MI’s.

  • Deathlord’s Band; I used it because couldn’t reach good enough OA to use Fallen ring and 2x resistance is better than only Chaos resist.

  • Cursebearer is BiS for RR.

  • Serenity for defense and circuit breaker since I skipped Ghoul.

*Constellation choices are usual Vitality route, I just got Wendigo instead Ghoul.

SR 85 Complete Run

Died once due to my stupidity in chunks. Build quite solid in farming range. It can be pushed to 90 aswell if you play careful in chunks due to low AoE.

Mogdrogen Kill

Changed one augment into lightning and used lightning resist, OA&DA consumables. Added Aether Cluster on skill bar but didn’t need it.

Ravager of Flesh Kill

Used almost everything necessary, added Aether Cluster on skill bar but didn’t need it.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Glad you posted this :slight_smile:

I’m trying something similar, but solo self-found, and it’s a lot of fun. Level 73 at the moment, and I’m geared sub-par at best, but it’s still working.

One question, though. Devotions wise, I went with Scales, Bat, and Ghoul instead of Wendigo and Revenant. Would you recommend switching to your setup once I’m better geared? As I feel that not having ghoul would give me a hard time surviving the harder bosses at this point in time.

Yep I recommend that, you need all the attack speed you can get and since you’ll wear serenity and prismatic diamond they should be enough for circuit breakers. And Wendigo on Ill Omen provides much more tankiness in crowds which build really struggles in.

Hi man, what do u think is the better weapon for leveling this build SSF , Korvaan reaping halberd or spectral warmaul?

You can get warmaul much earlier and it’s easier to get but both will do the work.

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cool build. did you manage to kill callagadra?

Didn’t even bother. Even if it’s possible, it will require a long kiting and focus.

jup. i could get it to 50% in 1 min. then he Enrage and it becomes to
very hard

I guess if you play very careful, only hitting while MoT active and kiting when it’s on CD; it can be killed.

whats the best relic before getting serenity, sacrifice or impurity?

Anything will do. Mortality, Sacrifice, Torment, Impurity.

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