[] Blazerush Elementalist, nope it's still a meme. SR 75-76

It’s gonna be a short thread, I’m sharing this to use it as feedback.

Image from the game with perma buffs + Savagery stacks

:damage_fire: :damage_fire: GRIMTOOLS :damage_fire: :damage_fire:

I’ve made a few SR 75-76 run. These two was the best ones, with bad mutators and unlucky boss room build can’t finish the process without dying. Chunks aren’t easy either. Damage is not bad but somehow defense is pretty bad even with good enough stats. Grava and IM are biggest threats but Fabius is also can kill it easily.

SR 75-76 Run with Grava

SR 75-76 Run with some difficult situations

PS: I tried, couldn’t kill Ravager nor Mogdrogen even with all consumables.

Feedback about Blazerush concept : Upheaval hits are satisfiying but normal hits are pretty low thus lifesteal is inconsistent. There is good amount of physical and lightning damage as you can see. Base damage of the weapon is too wide aswell.

  • Change %100 light>fire conversion on Upheaval mod to %100 light>fire on Savagery.

  • Change 24 Fire damage on Flame Touched with %25 phys>fire on Flame Touched, or even %50. OR add a new mod for Savagery with both phys and lightning>fire.

  • Using Justicar set and getting proper OA is somehow impossible and prevent gettng ninth Savagery charge. So %10 armor on Weapon does not help either. Change itwith phys resist, or change it with CDR so it might help Vire’s Might mod on weapon.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome