[] Death's Messenger - Vitality Scythe Melee Cabalist (SR76)

Grimtools: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

This is a fairly tanky Necromantic scythe melee cabalist that brings quite good damage. It’s a lot of fun teleporting from group to group reaping souls with scythe and spells. It is a wide-arcing mostly-melee build with a few powerful ranged spells to clear out groups of trash and afflict dots to enemies.

Facetanking through SR 75, very comfy:

Key features include:

  • 44.6k weapon damage
  • Reaping Arc
  • Reap Spirit and Bone Harvest for ranged attacks
  • Highest crit is 657k so far
  • 34% Lifesteal
  • ~120k Vitality Decay dps
  • A whole bunch of pets following you for the gram shots ;D
  • Ill Omen (28% reduced dmg) + Possession (16% damage reduction) for a comfy, tanky time
  • Ill Omen + Wendigo’s Mark for constant AOE lifesteal across the battlefield
  • Call of the Grave for +10% OA, +15% crit damage, +115% vitality damage
  • Mark of Torment for additional damage reduction when required

Concerns of the Build:

  • Resistances balanced using green MIs.
  • Aside from Stun res, nonexistant CC resistance.
  • Slow movement speed.
  • Fashion movement rune instead of practical movement rune.